Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mint Chip Ice Cream

Hard to believe we were away for just under a week. We're finally back Home and now that the groceries are put away all I've got to do is catch up on the laundry and I'll feel more or less back in routine.

Re-cap of last week - well, we were in The Sun House for the entirety of it. Wednesday - Fuzz came Home from the Puppy Hotel (3 weeks of vacation and training - he was quite mellow that first day) and we went on a shopping expedition to SuperH (for those 'hard to get' and 'oh so important' - 'American Products' that we 'just cant live without' - ha.) On Thursday Z went to 'the army' to be assigned with an official 'teudat miluim' (meaning that from now on he'll be called up for regular reserve duty just like any other Israeli from now until he's 40 or so...) While Z was dealing with army peoples, Mommy and I went 'Yesh Shopping' in RBS - it rained and poured on our heads while we were outside and as soon as we got into the car the skies cleared. Like magic. Thursday night I baked a cinnamon swirl cake which turned out delectably delicious. Friday was spent getting ready for Shabbos - I baked some fudge-y brownies and pretended to help with other stuff, especially the hard parts (like checking off things from the to-do list.)

Shabbos was Eli's 19th birthday so his English and Hebrew birthdays coincided. For that special reason we surprised him by inviting over some very special guests - The Feldmans for Friday night meal and we cooked the whole shebang not just vegetarian but vegan (aside from the matzah balls.) All in all it was a highly fun and successful affair. Shabbos lunch we made up for the Friday night lack of meat by feasting on shnitzels and mushroom barley casserole (made by yours truly - at Fredso's behest.)

Motzei Shabbos Z and I took a romantical shpatzir to and through the rose garden.

Today was Sunday and once the parentals had returned from Fuzz's training session - Yo Meanma drove us Home. We made a few stops along the way for important provisions (like sorbet and ice cream) and we even checked out the produce sections at the local grocery stores. Shopping was successful - well, we got kitty litter anyway. After unpacking everything we waved g'bye to the PollyMobile and headed into our house.

It didn't take too long to get everything stowed away where it belonged and at around 7:45PM we finally sat down to have some dinner. Easy peasy from the freezy - tomato vegetable soup with stupid little white beans (which actually don't taste bad and add a certain richness to the soup. Darn. I guess I'll have to complain a bit less about them from now on.)

We watched an episode of Good Eats and now Z is building a model (without glue because he ran out during his last model-building-project and neglected to get more) and I'm entertaining myself - more or less.

I'm actually thinking of going to sleep now (even though it's only 10PM) I'm kind of zonked and have a whole lot of stuff to do tomorrow. A bit of work on the neverending project, a lot of work on the family cookbook that I'm compiling, a bunch of pictures to fix-up, and I really want to squeeze in some sort of baking endeavor.

Alrighty - enough rambling for now - be back soon...