Wednesday, April 28, 2010


For lack of anything better to do I'm blogging. Brilliant. Ain't it? Yup, I thought so too.

Since today is Wednesday and Z doesn't start class until 1 PM - we stayed up waaaay past our bedtime last night and as a result woke up late this morning and sort of lazed around for a bit. (doesn't being 'responsibility free' sound fun?!) At around 10 Z started working on some homework and I put together some breakfast (homemade white bread slathered with jam) to tide us over until lunch (which turned out to be 'cascasoon' which is actually p'titim or 'Israeli-couscous' cooked with some sautéed onion and chickpeas.)
Once Z left for school I decided to do some useful chores. I washed the dishes, washed down the kitchen counter (from last night's 'coffeecake-cupcake-mess'), took out the trash, washed the garbage pail, figured that since the guest bathroom was all wet from washing the garbage can (well, of course I washed it in the bathtub - where else would you suggest cleaning it?) that I might as well clean the whole bathroom - since we're having guests for Shabbos. So I scrubbed out the tub, sink and toilet and even did a quick once-over on the floor (more to clean up all the water - but it got the dirt-spots off too.)

I then sat down and wrote out my shopping list for tomorrow. I still need those fruits and veggies. (As you may surmise, I didn't make it to the grocery store yesterday. It was just too hot out.) I also organized my menu-plan for the rest of the week.

Tomorrow morning I'll do the shopping in Rova Alef at Mega. I'll also get to stop off at the local library (to return a couple of books that I took out before Pesach. I hope I don't get charged a late-fee - whoops...)

Mostly I'm looking forward to Shabbos. We're having our friends The Kleinburds over. It sure is a funny thing to baby-proof an apartment for a weekend.


Sassy said...

You have a library in Ariel?? Now I'm jealous!

Lorelai said...

Yup we do - and considering there are only about 20 'Anglo' families - the selection is pretty impressive.

Best part is that residents of the city get a free מנוי! Two books per person and you get them for up to a whole month. :)

Deborah said...

Lucky you knew thay had a baby in advance!!
Last time we had a couple for a meal on shabbos i didnt know they had a baby/toddler until after they turned up! couldn't do much baby proofing!! it was an interesting experience!!!