Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Raynaud's Phenomenon

Yesterday we caught the 100 bus to the Kessem train station in Rosh Haayin and we rode the train to Bet Shemesh via Tel Aviv. The entire journey took 2.5 hours but the level of motion sickness experienced was greatly reduced (compared to our usual route which involves being on a bus for an additional 50 minutes.)

Yom Haazmaut dinner was a festive affair with our traditional homemade 'Israeli Spread' - falafel (baked not fried), Israeli salad, pickles, chumus, techina. Friends and neighbors joined us for the meal and to watch the fireworks across the street. The concert actually ended at a reasonable hour and there was no noisy 'afterparty' - even though it took a while for all of the revelers to disperse back to their homes or wherever it was they were going.

At 12:30AM - Daddy and I drove to Be'er Hatikvah (a grassy area along the back entrance road to Ramat Bet Shemesh) where there was a concert underway for 'youth and the young at heart' - we went to see Shai Gabso perform. He finally took the stage at 1:20AM and the concert lasted until 2:45AM. By 3 we were home and after uploading the pictures and movie clips to Daddy's computer it was time to sleep.

This morning we had a waffle and ice cream breakfast followed by fluffy icing beating/piping and decorating. We didn't go on a tiyul of any sort - because we were all kind of exhausted. Phil went to the Ashdod beach with some friends so Freddie and I got to go pick her up at tzomet shimshon. (Hey, it was an excuse to get out of the house.) Ezri had a drum lesson and in the afternoon Daddy took Dibble to the park because there were some jumping castles set up.

I helped make some hamburger buns and sneezoned some baked potatoes for the dinner bbq which we'll be enjoying in about 2 hours. Saba & Savta will be joining us for the occasion - so the food and company are gonna be awesome!

Not too many plans for tomorrow yet - first we'll get through the rest of today.

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