Monday, May 03, 2010


Hello world! First of all - I'd just like to state that Shabbos was incredibly and amazingly wonderful! I hope our guests enjoyed the weekend as much as we did. All the food came out amazingly, the babyproofing wasn't nearly as hard as I had thought it would be, the weather was beautiful - honestly - no complaints from this peanut gallery!

Sunday was spent traveling to Jerusalem and then back Home again. I really don't like the busride - mostly because it stretches what should be a scenic 40 minute ride into a grueling, nauseating two-hour affair which winds its way through every hilltop town along the way.

Today was relatively quiet and relaxing. Z made pancakes for breakfast (next time hopefully he'll double-check the recipe...) and then he went to school. I worked on 'the neverending project' for about 1.5 hours and then shut down the computer and decided to have an adventure in the kitchen. I had a hard time deciding whether to make a sweet sort of confection or something more practical and healthful - like bread.

Eventually I settled on "Honey Oatmeal Bread" - I figured you can't go wrong with a whole-wheat bread that's sweetened with honey and has oatmeal in it. Right? Right!
Suffice it to say - it turned out absolutely deeelicious! I completely changed around the recipe (even though it was my first time making it) and I sure am glad I did - cause it was incredible!

Obviously I didn't do it alone - I had some help (of the fuzzy variety):
The nicest part of the day was when Z came Home from school with a present for me. He brought me an iced coffee - one of my very favorite treats!

I drank it while munching on a slice of fresh bread with the tiniest bit of butter on it.

Could a Monday get any better than that?

In my honest opinion - probably not.

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