Sunday, May 16, 2010


Ever have to do something that you REALLY don't want to do and you just dread it with every fiber of your being to the point that it makes you physically sick to your stomach? Ok - so now you know how I've been feeling for the last week or so. I was supposed to take care of the dreaded thing on Friday - but being the excellent and stubborn procrastinator that I am - I didn't. That didn't really help though - and I wound up running out to take care of it right after Shabbos - which was the very last thing that I wanted to do.

On a bright note - Shabbos was pretty nice - even though it dragged on forever and ever. I like short winter Shabbatot. They start, they end and there's still time to do fun stuff on Saturday night. It's really annoying when Shabbos starts and ends ridiculously late - especially when everything is ready by 1 PM latest regardless of the season. Also - am I the only one who can't stand eating dinner at 9PM?!

The apple struesel bars came out absolutely awesome. They have all the best parts of apple pie (awesome taste and apple-y goodness) and you don't even need a fork to eat them with. Go bars! We also made cereal bars - but I kind of messed up on the proportions and either added too much peanut butter or too much margarine - or maybe there weren't enough marshmallows - all I know is the things crumbled to dust every time I tried to pick one up. What can I say, sometimes you got it and sometimes you just don't.

This morning we were supposed to travel to Jerusalem but considering I didn't exactly manage to sleep through the night - I wasn't too interested in making the 2 hour trek into the city. (I fell asleep at midnight, was awake from 3-4:30, woke up at 5 to squash a mosquito, and at 7 the alarm rang but I was happy to ignore it. I'll just take care of the Jerusalem errands on Tuesday morning instead.

So - today we're Home. Z is working on a big project which is due tomorrow - he'll probably be pulling an all-nighter tonight and definitely doesn't have any time to spend with me. Meanwhile, I'm supposed to bake cookies for my brother-in-law, cause we're going to his 'tekes hashba'ah' in Latrun tomorrow. (I wanted to make smiley cookies, but the dough is very soft and they crumble easily - so maybe I'll stick with chocolate chip - they travel pretty well.)

I've also got to do something with all the pesto we've got left from last week. We ate some of it on Challah on Shabbos but there's still a ton left. I found this recipe for Pesto Rolls so I might just try it out. (If we like them I can probably freeze them and if we don't I can take them to Bet Shemesh and feed them to the family. Aren't I just the sweetest?)

I wanted to go out for dinner tonight - but considering Z is working on this project and we've got leftovers from Shabbos and we are leaving tomorrow and won't be home until Thursday - I'm thinking I should reconsider... Maybe next week.


Rik said...

Pesto is really good on tortilla chips. I don't know if you can get them in Israel, but there's some kinda tortilla chip w/ black beans in "em. Eating those with pesto was the first (and only) time I ever liked pesto.

Lorelai said...

I've never seen chips like that. Truth is - you can't get good tortilla chips here. Not like they have in shmutz laaretz anyway. (Doritos are fine and dandy - but they're just not the same.)

I don't really like pesto either - but we had lots of basil and Z likes pesto - so I let him make it. Didn't think we'd end up with quite so much.