Sunday, May 30, 2010

Caramel Popcorn

Shabbos was nice. I actually managed to snag an hour and a half-ish nap, davened in shul 3 times and spent a lot of time being amused by my cousins (both generations of them.)

Here we are - mostly through yet another Sunday. I've decided that this week I want to experiment with sourdough. So I just assembled a starter and it's bubbling away on my counter-top. I reckon I'll give it a 2 day 'souring' time for starters and take it from there. (From what I understand - you can keep feeding it indefinitely, and it keeps getting better the longer you keep it - but if it grows fuzz or turns colors then it should be thrown out.)

We really need to eat the bread that's accumulated in the freezer. Though, I suppose we've got 2 days until I bake the sourdough... Good news is that we're down to the last pesto roll and there are only 2 oatmeal rolls left. I should probably do an inventory of what else is in there and rearrange so that whatshisface sees the options 'up front' when he goes on his hunting forays in the freezer.

Breakfast today was English Muffins with butter and jam. Lunch was 'Tivol' (woohoo! shnitzel-dak!) and fries. I haven't really thought about dinner yet - but I'm sure it'll be something equally as easy.

Not much else to say today. I'm working on yet another shopping list - I must bake too much because I always seem to be running out of parchment paper, flour, sugar and margarine.

My birthday is in a month. Oh bother.

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Judith said...

GREAT you are experimenting with sourdough - I will patiently await the results and your accumulated wisdom before trying myself!!