Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dinosaur Bubbles!

Last night there were 2 mosquitoes buzzing around the apartment. Z said he'd take care of them. Off he went with the broom to squash his little foes. 2 bites on the foot later I was annoyed. So I took the broom and squashed them myself. I know - sometimes I may seem cold and heartless, but why should I give it to mosquitoes? It seems pretty unfair - not only do they get a meal, but then I wind up with itchy welts for weeks at a time. Lose/lose situations don't work for me - so I say - Squash the little buggers!

This morning we woke up bright and early to do our weekly foray to 'Yesh' for groceries. Shavuot sales are in full swing in the dairy department so we got 4 containers of cottage cheese for a fraction of the usual cost. (Yay for lasagna - a dish we decided to stop making too often because the ingredients cost more than a whole chicken!) We also snagged the tail-end of the awesome pasta sale - 8 bags for just 15 shekels! That's less than 2 shekels for each bag! Granted there were only spiral-y noodles and spaghetti left in stock - but we took 4 of each anyway. Pasta is pasta after all.

As (lack of) luck would have it we had just missed a bus after our shopping spree, and we forgot to bring the cooler bag for the 'cold stuff' - so we ended up waiting close to 1/2 an hour for a bus in the blazing sun - standing - in an effort to shade the more perishable items from the direct sunlight.

There were many funny chayalim on the bus and we helped them out by showing them which stop they were supposed to get off at. (It gets confusing that there are 2 'centers' in the city. You have to know which 'rova' you need in order to know where to get off the bus - and they're quite a long distance from one another - so unless you're prepared to walk for 25 minutes or wait 1/2 an hour for a bus - you'd better know where you're trying to get to.)

Back at Home we pulled a container of tomato vegatable soup (with stupid little white beans) out of the freezer and had a delicious lunch. Then Z headed off to school.

I took a quick afternoon nap - cause face it, there isn't anything else to do around here. Then I stuck a load of laundry into the machine, took my vitamin B and sat down to decide what to make for dinner.

I was going to make spaghetti with pesto - (cause The Crazy Lady sent a whole bunch of basil with the girls erev-shabbos) - but I really want garlic knots, and I feel like they would go so much better with a tomato-type sauce. So now I'm thinking - pasta with homemade chunky tomato sauce and a bit of parmesan cheese sprinkled on top with awesome fluffy garlic knots. (I'm hoping they'll be awesome and fluffy anyway - I found a new recipe that I'm very excited to try. Photo's will be taken...)

Speaking of the knots - I should really go make the dough so that it has time for its 2 required rises and then will be done just in time for dinner.

I'm thinking of making a batch of muffins too - maybe chocolate chip. Cause Z may or may not be having a friend over (for dinner) and to work on a school project. Doesn't hurt to make a batch of muffins anyway - I think we're down to the last coffeecake muffin in the freezer...

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