Thursday, May 06, 2010

Distillation of Alcohol

There was a 1AM mosquito sighting which culminated in a brutal and bloody death - for the mosquito. This heroic killing brings our 'mosquito killing count' up to Lori:8 vs Zsh:3.

I didn't bother getting out of bed until 8:00 this morning. Z's first class was cancelled - so he got to sleep late too. I decided that the first order of the day would be cupcakes. Mini-strawberry cupcakes to be precise. I had my doubts about the recipe. (I mean, who puts cornstarch into a cake batter?) Nevertheless the teeny cupcakes emerged from the oven smelling a beautiful shade of pink and smelling like summertime. We split one warm from the oven and it was pretty good. Then we tested another one when they had cooled completely. Now I've got to whip up the strawberry buttercream frosting and we'll have to try another one.

The second order of business was the chicken soup. I put up 2 pots of the magic elixir. Two short hours later I turned off the fire and basked in the smell of Shabbos. Why 2 pots? Well, one of my friends in the neighborhood is feeling quite under the weather and her hubby is 'out of it' too. The Dr. instructed her to stay in bed and not receive guests - it seems she's got some sort of super-virus. So, I offered to send over challah, chicken soup and desserts for Shabbos. So - one pot for us and one pot for them. (I'm cooking for 6 people anyway - so an extra 2 doesn't really make a difference. At least, I don't think it does.)

Next I tackled the peanut-butter filled chocolate cupcakes. In my defense it was my first time making them - so I don't feel too bad that the insides collapsed in on themselves. I'll have to tweak the recipe next time. The good news is that they are downright delicious!

Before sitting down to type up this post I put together the challah dough and set it in a sunny spot to rise.

All in all I'm doing pretty well with the Shabbos cooking. I've just got to make the potato gratin and I think that'll be that for today. There won't be much to do tomorrow either - which makes me quite happy.

I've got a container of cottage cheese in the fridge and I've really got to use it, so I'm thinking of making a lasagna for dinner tonight.

I know - I think I'll go make the matzah ball goop now. I do so love matzah balls! Maybe I'll make them with seltzer this week? Hehe, I'll bet Z won't even realize. Tricksy tricksy...

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