Sunday, May 16, 2010

"Don't waste time on jealousy. Sometimes you're ahead, sometimes you're behind." ~Mary Schmich

It's official - Lorelai has no 'life' to speak of. She sits at home all day either doing nothing or cooking/baking up fantastically fattening foods which she then consumes. It's a miracle she can fit through the front door. We know that she has no 'life' because she has been posting to her blog. It's not the posting that has us concerned - rather the fact that she has been posting multiple times a day.
I think today's heatwave was a bit much for Toffee. He just kind of sat around all day looking shvach. I'm almost certain I saw him sweating sometime around 3:30PM when the temperature reached above 80F in the shade of our concrete building.

Here's a photo collage of those ridiculous apple bars that I've been blabbering about for the last 4 posts. The pictures didn't come out as well as I would have liked them too - but they're good enough (considering it's the best my camera can do.) There's the crumble base (which I made in the food processor), apples coated with sugar and flour mixture (the filling), pre-bake, post-bake (mostly cooled with their glaze), and the final bars.
Remember I threatened to make pesto rolls this morning? Just to get rid of the pesto? Well, I did it. The pictures are; parmesan cheese, pesto spread on the dough, an unbaked roll, all done and ready to eat. They were really good. If I'd wanted to commit stomach suicide I would have made up a good thick alfredo-type sauce to drizzle over the top (or dunk them in.)
I was supposed to bake cookies but somehow with the heat I just couldn't bring myself to stand in the kitchen any longer than necessary. I guess I'll have to bake a batch tomorrow morning. I should've made them today because as predicted Z was too busy working on the project to spend any time with me. We did watch a couple of episodes of 'Good Eats' but those were 'quick breaks' and 'dinner' - so they don't actually count as quality time. (Sorry if you disagree...)

Here's the 'important part' of the project - it's the part he designed. Don't ask me what it is - I still haven't figured out the point of this project.
King Toffee surveys his peaceful little town. He wanted to go all Godzilla and tear the place up - but Z wouldn't let him. Something about having to present the model (intact) in class tomorrow...
I'd like to go to sleep but between the downstairs neighbors throwing a party, the mosquitoes buzzing around eating me alive and the heat it just doesn't look like that's going to happen any time soon.

Tomorrow we head to The Sun House and more adventures.

On the bright side - they have air conditioning...


Judith said...

what dough recipe did you use for the pesto rolls - d'ya think the garlic knot dough would work with this?

Lorelai said...

I used this recipe:

They were like a savory version of cinnamon-buns. :)