Monday, May 31, 2010

Total Epiphany

It's a bright, sunny and clear Monday morning here in The Holy Land. Not too much is going on in this sleepy little town. Flies are buzzing around and a couple of butterflies have flitted through my garden, but that's about all.Z left for school about an hour ago so I'm all alone in the tower. First order of business this morning was feeding the sourdough starter. It seems a little weird to have stuff souring on my counter, but I'm optimistic that it will be worth the wait. I'm going to bake tomorrow and see how it tastes. I'm hoping for positive results. Obviously I'll try to keep the starter alive for as long as possible - but that will probably depends more on luck than anything in my control.

I got in the mood for something 'out of the ordinary' for breakfast. So I skimmed through my bookmarked recipes and decided to cook up a pot of garlic rice. I made a cup of rice and will leave 1/2 of if for Z to have with dinner. I guess I'll roast some chicken to go with it.
Now the apartment smells like lightly toasted garlic and I've got some breakfast.
*update* I'm eating my breakfast and it is amazingly delicious. The rice is garlicky but not too garlicky (I used 2 enormous cloves of garlic, basmati rice and cooked it for 15 mins - though it probably could've used 20.) The rice is fluffy and delicately flavored and the thin slices of garlic just melt in your mouth. I'll definitely be making this for Shabbos!

Nothing planned for today. I'm probably going to spend a goodly amount of time staring at my starter and at the walls. There's a bit of work to do for the neverending project. I could always do some laundry and find something to clean. Alternatively I could also pick up one of my mid-way art-projects and make some progress. I guess I do have a few options open to me.

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