Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Dulce De Leche...

Milk is a daunting perishable to me. When we don't have any in the house we want pancakes, macaroni & cheese, muffins, heck even a cup of coffee but can't have. When we've got it - we can't figure out what to use it for.

A couple of weeks ago we hosted 4 guests for Shabbos, and since we were having a dairy lunch I figured maybe people would want coffee or chocolate milk or milk in some form - so I bought 2 bags - thinking (stupidly) that 1 wouldn't be enough after I got through making the quiche and the gratin.

Suffice it to say, we managed to finish 1 bag (Between quiche, gratin, pancakes and I finally managed to use it up in the English Muffins last week.) But the 2nd bag was sitting forlornly in my fridge as its expiration date came and went. I really didn't want to throw out a liter of milk. (Cause that seemed like a waste.) So I did the next best thing, figured I'd experiment with it.
How hard could it be to make honest-to-goodness dulce-de-leche? I mean, you pour milk, sugar and vanilla into a pot and let it boil. Then you add a baking soda concoction and stir it until the foam settles. Then you let it simmer until it changes color, thickens and becomes this delightful heavenly stuff.
Doesn't seem so hard, does it? Truthfully, the hardest part was the waiting. It takes a while - but they say the best things can't be rushed.
Today I'm going to bake some shortbread cookies and when they cool I'm going to slather dulce-de-leche on half of them and top those with the remaining cookies and then I'm going to enjoy these sinfully delightful sandwich cookies - and if nobody comes over to keep me company I might just eat them all by myself.

Sharing is overrated - right?


Deborah said...

If i could find an airline to let me on i'd come!!!!

Lorelai said...

Lol! Partner - for you I'd mail them - if they wouldn't get smooshed to smithereens in the post. ;)

Shoshana said...

Can you send me some too. I'm close