Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Well, we managed to do our grocery shopping this morning. We got off the bus in town and figured we'd run an errand or two there and then walked down to Yesh. It was a nice walk because it wasn't overly hot out in the wee hours of the morning. I bought bread flour so that I can make some challah and Z chose the biggest fresh chicken in the entire store - he claims it'll be perfect for Shabbos.

Speaking of Shabbos - since last week was such a success I was kind of on a guest 'high' and I was sort of hoping to have guests again this week. The question was simply - who to invite? So I did what I always do when I can't figure things out on my own - I asked Mommy for some advice. "Ask your sisters" was her response, or something along those lines. So, I asked and they said "sure!"

Then I extended an invitation to another friend (figuring that 3 would be 'funner' than 2) and within the hour a 4th had called to see if she could join in the fun. Somebody will have to sleep on a couch - but I think that'll be alright. We'll manage. It'll be fun!

Dinner tonight was a special sort of affair. I agreed to let Z BBQ some chicken on our stolen grill (we took it from the parentals post-pesach.) Wings for Z, shnitzel for me (which turned into a delicious chicken salad) and french fries for everybody.

Now I'm trying to sort out my menu for the weekend. I've got most of it figured out, but I need another salad for lunch and I have to make up my mind about the desserts. (Desserts are totally the most important part. Aren't they?) I've got to decide between strawberry cupcakes with strawberry buttercream or those peanut butter filled chocolate cupcakes that I've been itching to bake all week. It's a tough choice. A really tough choice.

Tomorrow I'll start my cooking. Last week I was done with everything by around 2:30 - cause I lazed around a bit and I only started making challah dough at 12:15. Still, finishing before 3 isn't too bad - considering that once everything is done, there's really nothing to do. (Last week our guests arrived at 4 and were shocked that not only was everything cooked, but that everything was clean and ready for Shabbos - I'd even showered by that point. They were very impressed. Truth be told - so was I.)

Random note - cooking up chickpeas is so much better than always relying on canned ones. You get to control the salt content and flavor. They also have a totally different texture than their canned compatriots. I'm not saying that I don't keep a can in the pantry for 'emergency situations' - I'm just saying that I'd rather cook up a big potful of them, and have a whole bunch in the freezer ready and waiting to go.

Alright - I'm off to read for a bit and then some shut-eye.

Tomorrow Shabbos cooking begins - chicken soup, desserts, chickpeas, potato gratin, and who knows what else...

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