Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Incompetent Instructors

As of yesterday evening the heatwave had officially broken. (For this week anyway.) The temperature dropped 10 degrees and a cool breeze blew in across the valley. This morning was delightfully chilly and the afternoon was absolutely delightful - quite warm but with an amazing breeze. Maybe this is Utopia after all.

This morning I went on an outing to the 'mercaz rova alef' to run some errands. I returned some library books, bought some cheese and picked up my package at the post office. The funny hat sherut driver showed up as I was heading to town so I got a ride with him and on my way Home a bus pulled up just 5 minutes after I got to the stop.

Back at Home I decided to be completely unproductive. I sat myself down and organized the photos and then put them into the 'Family Photo Albums' - I finally filled up the original albums that I bought a few years ago. I've got 600 photos of the family printed and organized dating from 2006-current. Now I've got to pick up some more albums. I think it's important to keep up with printing photos - and now that I've found this super cheap place online (just 40 agurot per picture - if you're ordering over 50 prints) it's super-easy. I don't have to go into the store twice - I just have to pick up a package at the post office.

I watched 2 pointless movies this afternoon and tried to help The Crazy Lady choose a quilting pattern for a new project of hers. I shmoozed with Shosh and ate a whole lot of mac'n'cheese and roasted sunflower seeds.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll do something more exciting. Not sure what yet - I really really want to make some exciting flavor of ice cream. I found a recipe for Peanut & Chocolate Chip ice cream - and it sounds really really tempting...


Shoshana said...

'More exciting' What I'm not exciting? ;)

Rik said...

What do you think about green tea ice cream? Justina likes it.

Namrorrim said...

e.e I know how you feel about the heat wave, down here in the negev it was horrid. We had a tempurature of about 35 at night! And the sandstorm that came with it was horrible!

Interesting flavours for icecream... You could try for something interesting like pina colada 8D

Lorelai said...

Shosh - You're the best part of my days! ;)

Rik - I've never tasted green tea ice cream. I don't think it had been invented yet when I lived in shmutz laaretz and I don't think they sell it here in The Holy Land.

Namnam - I can imagine the heat was unbearable down south - hope there's AC in the buildings! (As for the sand - I've got enough of the Negev stuck in my Dragonlance books thanks to a certain sibling of ours...) Also, if I'm gonna make pina colada I'll make a sorbet or gelato of some sort. Lemme know when you're coming for Shabbos - I'll make it then... ;)