Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lorelai For Starters...

It's 12:39 PM and I'm sitting around in a 'mostly dressed to go out state' - I woke up pretty late this morning even though I went to sleep early last night. Last night I decided to wake up early and make English Muffins for breakfast. By the time I made it into the kitchen it was already 9. Then Z announced that he was leaving at 11:00 to work on a project in school instead of at 1 the way he usually does on Wednesdays. At that point the dough was rising - so I figured I'd make the muffins anyway.
I'm not quite sure where I went wrong. Alright - that's not 100% accurate. I knew the dough was very finicky and delicate, I also should have been astute enough to realize that I should leave space between the muffins for the second rise. Anywho - they didn't come out looking too pretty but they still tasted pretty good with butter and jam. I also got a whole bunch of nooks-n-crannies - not too bad for a first try...
I think Frizzie is tuckered out after this morning's kitchen adventure. It's pretty hot out today (again) but I should really walk to the grocery store.
On second thought - we've got mozzarella cheese in the fridge. Maybe I'll make baked ziti with homemade tomato sauce...

Don't worry about ditching my walk - I'll do one of those exercise videos I've got. Gotta get my heart-rate up for at least 20 minutes a day. Right?

This morning cousin Netanel put on Tefillin in Jerusalem, but it was at 8AM - so we couldn't make it (Mostly because we didn't want to take a 5:30AM bus.) Tonight the Chazanow family is starting to write a Sefer Torah on Kfar Chabad - but we won't be able to make it to that either (no way to get back Home again - not to mention that Z's got class until 7:00PM and the party starts at 7:30PM.) Doesn't living in the middle-of-nowhere without a car sound like fun?

Not too much else is going on - aside from yet another heatwave. (We just consider them heatwaves until they stop breaking for a day or two - then we can officially call it 'summer')

If anyone has a few spare seconds say a prayer for my mint-plant. I've decided that I'll only make homemade mint-chip ice cream if it bounces back and I can use mint that grew in my little garden. (Crazy sounding - I know. But sometimes you just need a sign from the universe.)

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