Sunday, May 09, 2010

Pimpleton & Squomito

Well, Shabbos was a smashing success. Freddie, Phil, Sarah Leah and Raizi joined us for the weekend. 3 in the guest room and 1 on the couch - it worked just fine, except that the 1 on the couch attracted some very hungry bugs and woke up with, I think it was 18 mosquito bites at final count. Luckily we had Fenistil on hand - even though it was only a small tube...

One of our neighbors down the hill was feeling under the weather and was subsequently ordered by her Dr. not to have any guests or go anywhere or breathe on anybody. She wasn't really in any state to cook Shabbos - or do much of anything aside from feel miserable and sick - so I offered to send chicken soup, challah and desserts - which meant that I got to bake a whole recipe of challah (which meant I got to do hafrashat challah - which was super exciting.) I used 2 cups of whole wheat flour and 7.5 cups of bread flour and the loaves came out light, fluffy and pretty darn tasty (well, I thought so anyway.)
For the menu record:
Friday night dinner - roasted garlic, chumus, pickles, chicken soup with (fluffy) matzah balls, Indian chicken with chickpeas, Basmati rice, sweetly glazed sweet potatoes and peas
Shabbos Lunch - chumus, fatoush salad, couscous salad, potato gratin (with sautéed onions and mushrooms), carrot muffins and corn muffins
Seudah Shlishit - chumus, couscous salad, chickpea salad and whatever else we could find in the fridge
Desserts included - turtle brownies (a'la Raizi), peanut butter chocolate cupcakes, mini strawberry cupcakes with strawberry buttercream, oatmeal craisin cookies with white chocolate chips and cookie brittle (made with charedi M&M type candies - tasty and colorful!)
It was quite a busy weekend - burning caramel, talking to a cricket, helping a (rather silly) fly get outside, pirkei avot, scratching mosquito bites, taking out the trash, planning vacations and so much more.

Freddie was super duper nice and agreed to stay in Ariel Saturday night too so that Sunday morning she could give us a ride to Jerusalem. We left bright and early (7:45ish) and made it to the city without any issues. At tachana merkazit we bumped into Coren (or rather, he bumped into us) and we all waited for the bus together. An extremely packed 21 wasn't letting anyone else on, so we decided to take the 18. While waiting to board another bus pulled up but all we could see was the numeral 2 - so we assumed it was a 21 and ran for it - only to realize that it was actually a 20 and that it wouldn't get us where we needed to go. And so - back to the 18 we ran. There were even seats towards the back of the bus.

Z and Phil got off in town - Phil went to meet a friend before school and Z went to misrad haklita to deal with some things. I went down to Emek Refaim to run an errand.

Z and I met at TM at 10:45 to catch the 11:00 bus Home. The Big Guy Upstairs must have been watching out for us because He sent a super-old bulletproof bus with super-can't see-thru'em windows that could barely make it up the hills. In Ofra the bus driver announced that since the bus was struggling so much that anyone going to yishuvim between Jerusalem and Ariel should disembark and that a different bus would be along in '5 minutes' to pick them up - and that the bus would now be going 'yashir' (directly) to Ariel. And so the 1 hour 40 minute ride was shortened by about 20 minutes and got to skip a whole lot of loop-dee-loops.

Lunch was a feast of leftovers and I'm not quite sure what to make for dinner yet. Z is working on a big project that has got to be presented tomorrow - so maybe I'll make him something special as a treat.

Hard to believe it's the beginning of another week and that Shavuot is so close! Where does the time go?!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mommies out there - especially to my Mean'Ma and my super special Savta too!!!

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