Sunday, May 23, 2010

Plum Purple

Talk about a typical lazy Sunday. I'm still in pajamas (at 6:55PM) and haven't done anything remotely productive all day.
Z worked on a project with a classmate from 1:30 until almost 4 - so I procrastinated the 'fix-up' job I've got to do on the neverending project. (Still not sure how I made such a stupid mistake. Important note to self: when copy/pasting - make sure to copy all of the text.) Ora stopped by before heading home - so we chilled for a couple of hours. Sara D called to share the exciting news that she has been accepted to Ariel for studies next year - but now she's got to choose between TAU and Ariel.

Lunch & dinner were leftovers today. On a sweet note - Z made pancakes for breakfast. Cause last night I asked him if he would. So he did. I love pancakes. Especially with real maple syrup.

Don't you?

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Rik said...

Yup! Yehuda bought me a gluten free mix, so I had pamcakas for breakfast on shavuous. It was soooooo nice!