Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Quotidian Routine

Lots of stuff is going on in the world - but nothing much is going on here.

I slept on the couch in the office last night. I'm not sure why - all I know is that it was midnight and then it was 7 in the morning. Strangely enough it was the first night in about 3 weeks that I slept straight through. I didn't hear the mosque-music at 4:20AM and I didn't stare at the dark ceiling from 3:00-5:00. It was actually rather refreshing - aside from the fact that I didn't roll over at all - so my arm and shoulder were quite sore.

I started off the day by washing the magical accumulation of dishes. (I honestly don't know where they come from.) I also washed 3 loads of laundry - a dark, colorful and white. I was super-productive and even folded them as they came out of the dryer. (Yes, I use a dryer - cause I'm spoiled like that. And yes, the folded laundry IS still sitting on the couch in the living room. But hey, at least it's clean - and folded.)

I briefly considered a kitchen escapade but thought better of it. I've still got brownies, cinnamon swirl cake and oatmeal cookies leftover from Shabbos - not to mention 3 types of muffins in the freezer. Bread-making seemed silly, since I just baked a loaf yesterday and there is still at least 1 loaf of white bread in the freezer, along with an oatmeal roll (ok, only 1 - but it counts), a package of pitot, 1/2 a loaf of store-bought sliced bread and a whole bunch of started challah-parts.

As for dinner - it's time to visit that magical place we've definitely been before - also known as - leftoverland! There's enough chicken for Z, shnitzel for me, kugel for us both. Maybe I'll be nice though and make us some fresh couscous (considering I'm the one who ate all of the rice for lunch yesterday...)

Tomorrow morning we're supposed to do a 'grocery run' to Yesh - I don't understand how I can possibly need more groceries, I did an enormous shopping not even 2 weeks ago - and yet, I've got a whole list written out.

I think Z wants to go see a movie tomorrow night. While I'm sure it would be a whole lot of fun, I'm not sure whether I'll actually be able to enjoy myself after the hour and a bit ride to the mall in Petach Tikva. (This motion-sickness thing really bites. Big-time.)

Alrighty - enough whining and complaining - I'm gonna go find Toffee and find something else to do. I'm bored of sitting around and playing on the computer.

Latch-hook? Maybe.

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Shoshana said...

You need more food as it went to all the baking you mentioned. The detergent went to the never ending laundry. Haha. Have fun shopping