Monday, May 10, 2010


Last night I slept in very short stretches. Part on the couch, part in the guest room, part in my bed and I was awake for the rest of it. The insomnia was due to the heat and random night-time noises that were just a tad too loud for my light-sleeper-status.

This morning I woke up bright and early. It was only 7:30 AM but it was already 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Not to worry - it got hotter over the course of the day. Finally in the evening the heatwave sort of broke and now it's nice and cool out. I just wish there weren't quite so much dust in the air.

At 10:00 this morning a neighbor called - she wanted to come over and hang out (since she lives down in the valley - where there is no breeze.) I said "sure" and then realized that if I was going to have company I'd better have something to feed her. So I got to work. I baked up a batch of oatmeal rolls, made a big batch of macaroni and cheese and brewed 4 liters of 'Not Quite Snapple' lemon iced tea.

Around 2:00 PM (just as I was taking the rolls out of the oven) the phone rang. It was my neighbor - basically, it was brutally HOT out, she had a lot to do and would it be alright if she came a different day instead. I assured her that there was no problem, and that we could reschedule.

Then I sat down and had an amazingly delicious lunch while bumming out in front of a pointless movie. (Ain't unemployment grand? Oooooh yeah!)

I did manage to do 2 loads of laundry. (Well, I washed and folded them anyway - they're still sitting on Z's bed...) I swept the floor. (Kind of pointless since we were experiencing a serious sandstorm which deposited another layer of grit on the tiles as soon as I'd gone over them.) I washed the dishes. (There are always more dishes to wash - but I feel like it's an accomplishment to keep up with them.) Most importantly, I had a wonderful snack waiting for Z when he got home from school - oatmeal rolls with a side of macaroni and cheese! Surprise and YUM! He had a surprise for me too - an iced coffee!!! Totally awesome deliciousness!

Now we've got the windows open and we're trying to 'air out' and 'cool down' the apartment. I'm hoping that with the weather confusion that the mosquitoes will all be too confused to find their way into the building tonight. Thankfully it's supposed to be cooler tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow - I found a website for a photo-printing place which allows you to upload photos that you want printed and order prints all online - then they send them to you registered mail. It even comes out cheaper than traveling into Jerusalem to get pictures printed at the place I used to go to when we lived there. Anywho - I ordered 50 prints and received the 'pick up slip' from the post-office today - so tomorrow I'm going to go and pick them up. I'm really quite excited. (I've been wanting to get this batch printed for a while now - and I've just been adding on photos as the months pass by. So I'm happy to have gotten it done.)

Now I'm off to build my 'dream house' with Z - this translates to - he's got a project due and I'm going to help whether he likes it or not...

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