Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rummikub Even

On Monday we caught a bus to Rosh Haayin and then took the train (through Tel Aviv) to Bet Shemesh. It was definitely the most comfortable travel option available. The Crazy Lady picked us up and our first stop was a trip to the grocery store. Being erev-chag, the place was a crazy-house, but we managed to find everything we needed - except for pareve 'cream cheese'. Best investments were baking pans - I got a huge metal pan with a cover and a decent sized quiche dish.

Tuesday morning Z and I went into Jeru bright and early. Errands in Geulah and the shuk were completed in record time and we were back in The Sun House relatively early. Well, early enough for me to help make meatless meat sauce, watch blintzes be stuffed and then there was the whole 'size perception issue' - when nothing seemed quite as big or small as it really was. Aside from the mushroom overload, only the noodles suffered - and not too badly. Note to self: when the pot looks too small after adding 1 bag of pasta, don't add the second bag...

Chag was really nice. Both meals were a good balance of Chalavi and Pareve - so there was no need to overdose on dairy. (Thanks to these newfangled probiotics I've been taking I got to eat lasagna, string cheese and even had some butter on my roll without any major negative side-effects. Pretty exciting if you ask me. Next step - a HUGE cup of chocolate milk - when I'm feeling brave...)

Z went to shteig at Yesodei with Tonny. Freddie went to Aviv to attend some shiurim organized by Raizi. Daddy went to the shul to hear some speakers. The rest of us went to sleep - cause it's not a mitzvah to stay up if you're gonna be an evil grump who can't quite function the next day.

In the afternoon Little Brother came over to visit, we played 2 rounds of the usual and we each won once. Then he disappeared and when he came back he brought 2 niecely munchkins with him. They both enjoyed puzzle-building, cookies and watermelon until their mother came to find them.

Motzei Chag we finally managed to get the parentals to sit down and look over the photo-selection for our wedding album. Now I'm waiting to hear back from the photographer about 'the next step' - hopefully by my birthday we'll have an album. I'm really excited about it. Finally. It's only been 27 months since the wedding - and 26 months since we got the pictures...

Today we're (thankfully) getting a ride home. I've got to cook for Shabbos. (Since we're having 4 guests and all.) Have I mentioned that it annoys me to actually have to make 3 meals for these ridunculously long summer Shabbatot? And Z has school until 9:00PM - so he won't really be helpful until tomorrow - which is already too late for me.

Alrighty I've been typing this post for about 40 minutes now and I'm running out of things to say.

So I guess I'll be back later - once I've actually done something or other...

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