Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Spaghetti Recurrence

I had an appointment in Jerusalem this morning and worked myself into a frenzy about taking the bus because I wasn't feeling well. So Z came to the rescue - skipped class and came with me instead to hold my hand. He's awesome. Seriously. I don't think I would've been able to make it through the bus ride if not for him.

Not too much else is going on today. We made it back Home by 2:00ish. I had a light lunch of Shabbos leftovers (and Z had a burger in Jeru - so he considered it a successful trip.)

I'm making a concerted effort to not sit on anything 'soft' - cause evidently it's bad for my back. I guess no more sleeping on the sofa for me. (Or spending all day lounging around watching movies and tv shows - not that there's anything to watch now that it's tv summer break.)

I'm supposed to cook up a huge pot of tomato sauce. I even made ice so that I can blanch my tomatoes - for easy peeling. But I'm not overly hungry and really don't have the patience to start making a huge mess in the kitchen. Problem is - it's really got to get done before the tomatoes get any mushier - cause they're seriously ripe at this point. Maybe tomorrow - then I have an excuse to walk to the grocery store - because we're out of Parmesan cheese again (darn that eggplant parmigiana.) Fresh tomato sauce on al dente pasta with Parmesan cheese sounds like a good Wednesday night dinner. Dontcha agree?

Right now I'm doing 'busy-work' and am burning this past season's TV shows to DVD. That way they won't be taking up space on the external hard-drive. Gosh we watched a lot of television this year. 4 shows with Z and another 3 on my own. That's 4 hours of tv a week. (Bright side - 1 show has been cancelled so that's 40 minutes 'extra' I'll have next year.)

Have I mentioned recently that I'm obsessed with Shai Gabso's music? I've been listening to his album "Arim Roshi" on repeat for the last week. The lyrics are really really really great. And that's all I'll say about that.

I think I'm gonna go find a pair of socks. The end of the day is nearing and my toes are getting cold.

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