Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spice of Life

I'm slightly disgruntled this morning. There are many reasons - but I won't go into them now.

I think you can tell a lot about a person from the various spices that they have in their kitchen. What spurred this line of thinking? Well, I decided a couple of weeks ago that my dried spices were looking less than vibrant - which is usually a good sign that it's time to dump them and get new ones.
I replaced my; paprika, parsley flakes, cinnamon, curry powder, zaatar and a whole bunch of others. While I was at it I washed each glass jar and relabeled them. The spice-wall looks so much happier and more alive now. I love the colors! Yellows, browns, greens, reds and of course the simple black and white of the salt and pepper.
Most days I sit around on my couch doing nothing but my mind is almost always racing a million miles an hour. I can't say that I think of lofty ideal things or that I've found the cure for cancer, or that I've done anything worthy of note - but at least my mental faculties take a stroll around the block on a daily basis. I definitely don't challenge my mind the way I used to in school, or the way I do when I'm problem-solving - but my mind definitely gets more exercise than my body nowadays. Truth be told most of the time I sit around thinking about the projects that I could (or should) be working on. I've got a myriad of unfinished projects sitting around and waiting for 'someday' and another huge pile of things I've never tried but 'want to try' at some point.

I'd like to say that today will be the day that I finish something or do something or make something great - but the fact is that I just can't promise that.

And that makes me sad.

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Shoshana said...

You did finish something big today! Picking out the pictures!