Wednesday, June 02, 2010

100% Olive Oil

Last night I got into bed at 11PM. At 2AM our lovely downstairs neighbors decided that the time was just right to sit out on their mirpeset and have a shouting match. (Have I mentioned that their mirpeset is right under my bedroom window?) Between the heat and the noise I spent 2 hours awake. At 4AM I decided to try and fall asleep. Unfortunately it slipped my mind that it was time for the first prayer of the day over in all of the neighboring Arab willages. As soon as the loudspeakers turned off I drifted into a light-sleep only to wake up 2.5 hours later. All-in-all not an overly restful sleep. I guess I'll try again tonight.

Since it's Wednesday, Z and I packed up the shopping bags and made our way to Yesh to do our weekly shopping. This time we were smart and took a cooler-bag with 2 ice-packs so that the 'cold-stuff' wouldn't melt into puddles of uselessness in the event that we missed the bus. (We did end up waiting 1/2 an hour for a bus to show up - so the cooler-bag was definitely worthwhile.) Z even let me 'impulse buy' a can of Pringles. (I think he was appreciative of yesterday's kitchen efforts.)

Back at Home we had an hour until Z had to leave for class so we decided to make some lunch to eat together. (Aren't we cute?) We browsed through the bookmarks and decided to try Chickpea and Parmesan Pasta. Truth of the matter is - it doesn't even need the Parmesan cheese. The liquid that the pasta cooks in is very flavorful and the red-pepper-flakes give the dish a great kick. It's almost like a light-version of cream sauce, plus it's quick and it's got chickpeas in it! (I used 3 cups of non-chicken soup broth and 4 cups of boiling water with (non)MSG-powder in it. Also only added about 1/4-1/2 tsp of the pepper-flakes - and it was pleasantly tongue-tingling.) Two-points and thumbs-up for this recipe.
It's hard to believe that we're officially halfway through the week. I was supposed to make gnocci for dinner - but after that filling lunch I'm thinking maybe we'll stick with something light and simple - maybe some crash baked potatoes. (Baked then smashed flat-ish with a heavy something, seasoned, and baked till crispy.) More of a night time snack. That sounds good.

I've got a ton of laundry piled up (where does it all come from?) and some work to do on the neverending project. I also kind of wish that the bees would stop invading my apartment. I like mosquitoes less, but it's frustrating to have to double-check that there's no bee on the seat that you want to sit down on in your own living room. (If they want freedom of first-dibs on seats - then they should help pay the rent!)

For the record - remember I mentioned that whole sourdough experiment earlier this week? Well, phase 1 (keeping the starter alive for 3 days) and phase 2 (baking a trial run) went beautifully. For now we're on to phase 3 (keeping the starter alive for as long as possible.) I've got pictures and whatnot but I think I'll save that post for Friday.

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Judith said...

Hope you can catch up on your sleep - and looking forward to the sourdough link - so it was good, eh?