Tuesday, June 08, 2010

2 Purple Thumbs

Hello again world. It's just me - slipping in with yet another pointless rambling post.

Nothing of note happened yesterday and so far nothing has happened today. I've clocked about 3 hours of 'work' and have stared at the ceiling for a whole lot more - but that's about it.

In my boredom I sort of backslid and spent a bunch of time biting and picking at my cuticles - so my fingers are kind of icky and aching. (I've really got to stop.) On the bright side I didn't make it to over-the-top misery so my nails are actually still alright - growing in again - finally.

Somehow it's Tuesday and I've got another bag of milk expiring. I refuse to make more Dulce De Leche (remember last week?) cause I still have the bowlful siting in the fridge. (Nope - I never did make those cookies that I bragged about - I got lazy and we were having meat for Shabbos lunch anyway - so I figured we wouldn't have a chance to eat them.) I guess I'll make macaroni&cheese for dinner and who knows - maybe I'll whip up pancakes or cinnamon buns for breakfast tomorrow to finish it off. That's better than wasting it. Dontcha think?

Thankfully I made plans for tomorrow morning so I'll actually be going into town and then I'll walk down to Yesh to do some grocery shopping.

Back to today though - I just thinned out my dill plant(s). They're not looking too hot. I never thought they'd ever survive so I wans't overly diligent about cutting them back and maintaining them properly and by the time I realized that they were actually doing alright they were super tall so I just cut their tops off and that was that. Now they're all brown and dried out and it's too late to really save them. So I'm considering just pulling them all out and planting tomatoes instead.

(Do you notice a trend with me - that I am never certain that what I set my hand to will survive and then I'm surprised when it does? It's pretty bad. I should have a bit more faith in myself.)

Did I mention that my sourdough starter is doing pretty well? I fed it a lot this morning and am planning on baking something tomorrow. I haven't decided what exactly to make yet - either a fancy round loaf or maybe pizza dough... either way I've got time to decide.

Whoops - the phone's ringing...

It's a call from Oz - so I'm gonna go.

Catch ya later...

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