Monday, June 14, 2010


It's been a few days. So what's been going on?

Friday morning we walked down to check the mail but the anticipated petek from the post-office hadn't arrived yet. So instead we walked to Mega to pick up the last of the groceries for Shabbos. (Turned out to be a mistake because they didn't have any flowers, and we wound up waiting about 45 minutes for a bus to show up to take us back up the mountain.)

Shabbos was nice. Quiet and really really long. Most of it was spent wondering whether it would be really mean of us to throw ice-cubes at the yappy-dog downstairs. On the one hand maybe it would be scared into not barking for 2 minutes and on second thought, it might cause another yap-attack like the butterfly did.

Sunday took a long time to pass - but I spent all day pretending to be productive. I typed up the first 32 recipes. Then I edited and formatted them. Then I actually sat for over 5 hours and laid-out the 'Desserts & Confections' book complete with pictures. I don't actually like the way it came out - but Z insists that it looks good.

Once again I was afraid that spending Shabbos in the fridge had killed my sourdough starter, but after feeding it and leaving it in a warm corner of the kitchen it seemed to bubble a bit - so maybe there is hope. I've really got to accept the fact that sourdough starter is easier to keep alive than sea-monkeys. (Not that I've ever owned sea-monkeys.)
Speaking of sourdough starter - based on looking at the forecast and weatherman's predictions - I think I'll switch around my menu and bake today. It's supposed to be getting HOT again as the week progresses and as we've learned from experience, better to bake when the weather is cool cause when it's hot it's horrible to have the oven blasting out 400F degrees of heat on top of the 90F+ degrees from the sun.

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