Sunday, June 27, 2010

Air in a can...

I'm officially sick of finals - and I don't even have to take them. They're just annoying and pointless and ridiculous. Yup - that's all I've got to say about that.Shabbos was nice. Z's brother was here. I had almost forgotten how gross 'army laundry' is. (Sand here, there and everywhere - not to mention the mud...) Anywho - Shabbos itself was peaceful (besides for the neighbors various loud parties) the food was pretty good and the sugar cookies were so pretty I almost couldn't bear to eat them.
The weather has been wonderful (do I keep repeating that? It's true though.) The temperature is supposed to rise again this week and 'they' say there will be 1 hot day. The heatwave is scheduled for Tuesday which is my English birthday and is also a fast day (17th of Tammuz.)
Last night I sat down and thought long and hard about the upcoming week. I even managed to figure out the menu-plan (I wonder whether I'll actually stick to it...)

Sunday: leftover chicken soup from Shabbos
Monday: buttery garlic pasta, tossed green salad & baguettes
Tuesday: tomato-based vegetable soup & however-many-seeds-I-have at Home Soda Bread
Wednesday: Tomato Rissoto & tossed green salad
Thursday: garlic mashed potatoes & little white fishies
Friday Night: roasted garlic, chumus, boring ol' always tasty roasted chicken (subject to change), roasted root veggies, rice kugel, plain rice
Shabbat Lunch: fatoush salad, lasagna, potato knishes/kasha knishes

In all of the excitement on Friday I forgot to mention that Z and I went to town to pick up my package! It was my order from the USofA and I was super excited to have new clothes (that actually fit) to wear for Shabbos!!! Yay for pretty colors!

I'm not quite sure what to do today. I've got loads of work to do - but mostly I want to procrastinate it. I could type up recipes - but there isn't much else to do because I haven't got photos to go along with them. I was going to bake cinnamon buns or coffee cake but stopped myself because there are already sugar cookies, chocolate cake and apple-pie-bars in the house. I can't really bake bread because there's a ton in the freezer and I've already got more on the menu for later in the week. I could work on the latch-hook project for Freddie, or possibly knit a bit (of one of my numerous 'started' projects.)

Z has an exam at 5PM so he's going to be studying all day. Maybe I should go to the library? I dunno. I'm gonna go figure it all out.

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