Monday, June 28, 2010

Ask Us Today!

Woke up at 8 this morning - yup late for me - but I'm gonna blame it on being awake from 2-3:30AM for no particular reason. Anywho by the time I woke up I was in one of those 'get stuff done' moods. So I turned on the big computer and stared working. Finally Z decided to wake up - so I made him a mushroom/onion/cheese omelette for breakfast and threw together some scrambled eggs for myself.

He had a final at 1PM but he left a little after 12 so that he could do some last minute cramming with friends. I entertained myself by working (I clocked 5 whole hours today) and I even made a super awesome grilled cheese for lunch. (Yup, that's homemade sourdough bread and the cheese is fresh mozzarella that I've got marinating in an olive oil and spices mixture.) I cut it into wedges and enjoyed it 100%.
At 7ish we caught a bus to the other side of town to attend a simchat bat in honor of our friends' new baby girl Meira! She's gorgeous and has got the shmushiest cheeks I've ever seen on a 5-day-old and I am totally suffering from baby envy - well, till I hear about the whole birth process and pregnancy before that and of course there's the whole never sleeping again thing... Babies. Aren't they just precious. Maybe I'll get one someday. (I'm just being wistful - don't get worried or call a shrink or anything. Seriously!)

Anyway - I'm going to bake challah and cookies for them for Shabbos. I'm so excited! Mostly about the challah because baking for someone else means I can make a full batch which means I can actually take challah with a bracha! Woohoo! Mitzvahs!!!
In other news - my sourdough starter is officially 1 month old today. (It also officially doesn't like being put in the fridge over Shabbos.)

Tomorrow is a fast-day and my English birthday.

I can't think of anything else to write cause I'm multi-tasking and my mind has officially gone blank.

Til' tomorrow!

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