Thursday, June 03, 2010

Bees Knees

So far nothing much of note has happened today. It seems like it's going to be a quiet Thursday with not too much to do. I've got my first load of laundry in the machine and I've already pulled the stuff I need for Shabbos cooking out of the freezer.

Cooking shouldn't really take too long and I have a funny feeling I'm going to look for extra stuff to make because otherwise I'll just be bored.

We're having a nice quiet Shabbos this weekend. First one in a really long time - ok, only about 7 weeks, but who's counting?

Shabbos menu is as follows -

Friday Night:
Chicken Soup (from the freezer), Matzah Balls (from the freezer), '40 Clove Garlic Chicken' (I'm going to scale the recipe down since I'm only making 4 wings), Couscous, Peas, Roasted Root Vegetables

Shabbos Lunch:
Honey Mustard Shnitzel, Potato Kugel, Tossed Green Salad, Carrot Kugel

Seudah Shlishit:
Lasagna (from the freezer), Kasha Knishes (Kasha from the freezer & I've got to make the dough)

Challah (from the freezer), Iced Tea (we'll brew up 6 liters and hopefully it'll be enough)


All in all there really isn't much to do. There's always more work for the neverending project and I took on another assignment (a booklet layout job) but I told the client that I wouldn't be able to do it until next week - so no rush there.

I'm a little worried about the sourdough starter. I've been halving and feeding it but it seems like it's struggling along. It bubbles very briefly when I stir in the flour, but then it doesn't do too much else. Maybe I'm not adding enough? It smells alcohol-y too. I should probably be keeping it in the fridge at this point - but I want to keep it out until next week so that I can bake again. I'm going to do some more research and see what there is to be seen on the topic. Gosh the internet is a wonderful tool!

I'm downloading a whole bunch of movies to keep myself entertained. A few chick flicks and some of the 'new' kids movies. I'm hoping they're worth watching (well, as worthwhile as any movies ever are anyway.)

For now I'm off to scrub the bathrooms. (I always think of the little mice singing in Cinderella when I think of scrubbing out bathrooms - I'm not sure why.)

If anything exciting actually happens today - then I'll be back. If not then til' tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

We are having chicken soup (from the freezer)too but our matzo balls will be made fresh : ) I have also taken a wicked pot roast out of the freezer and that will be had with carrots and potatoes.
for lunch we will be having roast chicken(just finished cooking it) with potato kugel and carrot kugel, both of which I cooked this afternoon.
yo' meanma
I even made some salads today. Talk about a relaxing day tomorrow.