Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Before the Heatwave

Yesterday morning was quite a lot of fun. We walked to the mailbox and picked up the petek for the post-office. Then we walked to the bus-stop and I shmoozed with Freddie until the bus came. We got ff the bus in 'town' and picked up the package (brand spanking new awesome bright blue 35 shekel 'gel' headphones) then we walked around the iriyah buildings and discovered that the whole 'opening a business thing' actually has to be taken care of in Petach Tivka. We then took a 20 minute walk to Yesh, stopping along the way in the Industrial-Area at the spice-store and a tile factory (we're in search of an unglazed tile to act as a pizza-stone of sorts.)

In Yesh we got right down to the groceries. First the veggies and then the dairy (cause that's how the store is set up. As I reached for the milk I decided to get 2 bags (that's 2 liters) because I've been collecting ice-cream recipes left and right and really want to try some. I verbalized this to Z and he seemed relatively excited - so did a nice gentleman standing nearby. So I smiled and went to choose some heavy cream. We kept passing the guy who had been intrigued by the thought of homemade multi-flavor ice creams and by a couple shopping together and speaking in English in Ariel until a few aisles later when we saw that 1 liter bottles of canola-oil were on sale. The man commented that the price was great, I agreed but noted that you had to buy 6 bottles of the stuff to get the sale price (think cheap Chanukkah sale price) but that the prospect of the shlep factor wasn't quite as exciting - especially considering the heat and that we actually wanted to buy some other stuff and then the bus etc. Anywho, as I looked wistfully at the oil (cause we're running low) the man offered to give us a tremp up the mountain if we wanted so that we could get the oil. His wife was still shopping and would be a while so it would be alright if he popped out for 10 minutes. Suffice it to say we were extremely grateful. It's one of those really nice things about living here. Turns out he's a long-time ex-South African, his wife is French and they live in Yakir out here in the Shomron. We had a friendly chat on the way across the city and it was nice to get home almost 40 minutes earlier than we had anticipated.

The rest of the day was spent at work on the computer. Typing, organizing, laying out, brainstorming, researching. You get the idea.

Today the weather is supposed to rise a couple of degrees from yesterday - which is kind of a shame cause it was really delightful yesterday. But it's supposed to keep getting hotter until the end of the week - so today I'm definitely going to do that baking that I was supposed to do yesterday.

My sourdough starter is quite large, because I haven't discarded in a couple of days - so it's time to use some of it up. I'm thinking of making these sourdough bagels. I am also on a quest to try some new grains and proteins - so I'm going to be experimenting with Quinoa. For some reason I've got a mental block against it (I think it's because it sprouts a gooey-slimy looking tail when it's fully cooked.) Anyway, I just have this idea in my head that it tastes icky - but based on my research it's all in the way you cook it - and it's a really healthful sort of food. So I'll experiment and then subject you, my dear reader, to a rambling session regarding my results. (I hope you don't mind - oh wait - if you're actually still reading this then I guess you're kind of asking for it.)

Alrighty - I'm off. Lots to do today. I'm thinking first bagel dough, the ice-cream(s), then cookies, then work.

Sounds like a plan.


Shoshana said...

Now I'm kind of disgusted by Quinoa. I thought mine tasted good and at least looks better than that!

Lorelai said...

Lol! I'm sure yours tastes good and looks way better Shosh! (I was just looking for a picture with the tails.)

Come to think of it if my quinoa looks anything like the stuff in the picture I don't think I'd eat it - but I'm not planning on letting that happen.

Rik said...

It's really yummy if you cook it in chicken juice/broth and serve as a side with toasted nuts and craisins!

P.s. my security word of the day is inglopp.