Monday, June 21, 2010

Crunchy Watermelon Seed Bugs

Yesterday was hot, shvitzy and so far beyond boring that I can't even begin to describe it. The most exciting thing I did all day was cook myself a bowlful of 'stars' and I didn't really even have an appetite for them. In fact the most exciting thing that happened was at 10:15PM when Freddie called me to say hello - cause I hadn't spoken to her in a week.

Last night was ridiculously hot and considering I only slept somewhere in the range of 3 hours - even though I was in bed from 12-7 - I was not overly excited when I noticed that the thermometer was already holding at 80F when I got out of bed this morning. Where is my breeze and why are there so many bugs?! It wasn't like this last year! I swear!

Since I was awake ridiculously early and couldn't think of anything better to do - I decided to 'dream-shop' - that's where you shop online and choose all the fun stuff you'd buy if someone offered you a 'shopping spree' - I was relatively careful with my choices and only spent about $100 (Ok so it was $102. Doesn't really matter it was all theoretical anyway.) What would I choose? Mostly kitchen stuff (cause I'm pathetic like that) - A huge bucket of 101 cookie cutters, a candy thermometer, some more stacking cooling-racks, gel food-coloring in awesome colors (for the heck of it) and the pedometer I've been wanting for ages (to motivate me to walk up and down the enormous mountain that I live at the top of.) Not so crazy. Ok, a little crazy. On the other hand - I stopped myself from ordering that awesome infrared thermometer (for cooking purposes) cause that's just a bit much. See? I have self-control. Well, a little. Sometimes...

This morning I also spent a few minutes separating eggs. I'm on this homemade ice-cream kick (it would be decidedly easier with cheesecloth and a fine mesh strainer - but I haven't gotten around to getting those gadgets yet.) Today I think we'll make the custard for some french vanilla cookie dough ice cream and maybe the cookie dough - since the custard needs to chill thoroughly and I'd imagine folding in cookie dough would go more smoothly if it were frozen in little-chunks before the folding began. Anywho - I've got 6 eggs in 5 containers. 2 containers of yolks (3 apiece), and 3 containers of whites (2 apiece) - I'm thinking meringues might also be in order - what with all the extra whites hanging around anyway...

However before the custard making begins we're got to go shopping for some cream.

So I'm outta here - because ice cream making awaits!

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