Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Woke up at 7am and said g'bye to Freddie. I sent her off with an assortment of bagels and muffins.

At around 9am Z and I headed out. We walked down the mountain and through the park. Our first stop was at the hair-salon so that Z could get a haircut. (For the record - anyone who is going to ask - he got them all cut.) Then we wandered down to one of the Russian makolets to pick up some beer (for our crockpot beer & chicken for Shabbos lunch.) Next we made our way down to 'kikar hey b'iyar' to the fruit-&-vegetable store, to pick up fruits, veggies and a flat of eggs. We continued our journey and walked into mercaz rova alef to pick up the last few things on our list. By 10:30am we were at the bus stop waiting for a ride back up the mountain. All in all it was quite an enjoyable 4.5 km morning walk.

Back at Home we tasted our french vanilla cookie dough ice cream. (We finally churned it late last night.) It's absolutely delicious!
I decided to make 3-cheese pizza for lunch. I used up a container of homemade tomato sauce from the freezer and for the crust I tried out the recipe from my new cookbook (cause a little birdie told me it's a good one.)
Update on the 'cookbook' project - I finally sent the Desserts & Confections volume off to be printed. I ordered 2 copies and they should be here in the next week or so. I'll look them over and decide whether I actually like them or not.

I managed to get my hands on an A5 binder (why do I seem to be unable to find them anywhere?!) So I'm going to format a copy of the cookbook for A5 and see whether it would be more sensible to print them like that. (I like the idea of a binder because then you can always add things in at later dates.)

In other news - the heatwave broke (again) and it was delightfully cool last night. The weather today is simply gorgeous and I'd be more than thrilled if the weather stayed like this for the rest of the summer.

Now it's getting on towards dinnertime and I'm not quite sure what to make. I'm kinda in the mood for soup - and since it looks like it's gonna be another pleasantly cool evening that might just be a good idea.

Here's a collage of stars - just cause I love 'em so much and can't think of anywhere else to stick them:
Til' next time - happy trails!

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