Sunday, June 06, 2010

Pay it Forward...

A few years ago some bored teenagers vandalized the bathrooms in the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem. After the cleanup and whatnot the management decided to enforce a fee for using the toilets. Back when 'Home' was an 8 minute walk from the building or even a 1/2 hour jaunt down the highway - I would never have dreamed of stepping foot in the public restrooms there. However - now that the journey from Point A to Point B takes on average 1.5 twisty-turny hours - I've been forced to revise my strategy.

On the lower floors there is a fancy little turnstyle type thing - you put in a 1 shekel coin and you can enter. However not only does the machine not give change - it also doesn't accept any coins aside from the 1 shekel piece. On the 'departure floor' there is a little old lady who sits at a broken-down cash register and collects payment. As you can imagine there isn't any significant traffic going into the toilet (especially considering you've got to pay to get in.) So the little old lady doesn't really have 'change' for large bills (or even small bills or large coins most of the time - but that's neither here nor there.)

On a number of occasions I've been out of 1 shekel coins or only had large bills and have been unable to access the facilities. Seriously - for 25 whole cents can't you waive the fee this one time - I've gotta go!?! *sigh*

Today I had a wealth of change in my purse and decided to visit the little girls before getting on the bus. On my way out I noticed a chayal forlornly holding a 100 shekel bill and looking at the money-collecting-lady sadly. The look on his face said, "I'll gladly give you this and then go in 100 times - please just let me in" but she wouldn't grant him access, because she didn't have enough change. So I plunked down a shekel, gave him a smile and told him not to worry.

He was extremely appreciative and I felt like I'd done my good deed for the day.

Sometimes it's nice to be in the right place at the right time.


Shoshana said...

That's sooo nice!!!! Your the bestest!!!

Judith said...

a dearth of - means "hardly any". a plethora of - means "lots of".

Did you give him a shekel even tho you barely had any for yourself or did you mean you actually had change for a change... : )))

Lorelai said...

Haha, whoops - gonna edit that. Meant 'a wealth of'

~this~ is why I shouldn't blog, talk on the phone, cook and work at the same time...I guess there is a limit to my multi-tasking abilities. ;)