Friday, June 18, 2010

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Yesterday I woke up at 7 (as is customary, for some unexplainable reason) and sat down to work for a bit. The next thing I knew it was 11:00AM and two things crossed my mind, one was that I was hungry and the other was that Z was still asleep.

A little while later somebody sent me a form that had to be signed and mailed pronto so at 2:35PM we checked the bus schedule and saw that there was a bus at 2:45PM so I got dressed and we ran out the door to catch the bus.

A quick trip to town and we mailed the letter. We also visited the nuts&spices store (I picked up some seeds for a seed bread I want to try next week) and a quick jaunt to Mega to get the last of the groceries for Shabbos.

I was supposed to make noodles for dinner. I was planning on eating them plain. Why? Because that's easy Thursday night food and sometimes the easier the better. However, at some point I got this crazy idea into my head that I wanted chicken for dinner. Not just easy throw it in the oven chicken - something yummy and delicious. So I ended up rolling chicken breasts around a spiced rice,mushroom&onion stuffing, laid them on a bed of seasoned rice and concocted a reduced white wine and mushroom sauce to pour over the top. Then I baked the whole thing covered. Result: juicy chicken and awesomely flavored rice. Next time I would definitely marinate the chicken in something first. But all in all a successful venture.
As you may (or may not) remember, I'm attempting to cobble together a cookbook of sorts. After much debate and pricing-insanity I've decided to make a multi-volume set. I started with desserts (of course, my favorite) and it's almost finished. I just need to read over the 'copy'one more time and I was short 2 photos.

In an effort to move the project along I decided to make the baked goods that needed to be photographed. Amaretto Cake and Black&White Cookies. Luckily I had Black&White cookie bases in the freezer, I just had to find the perfect glaze (mission accomplished - by the way.) As for the Amaretto Cake - I can't stand making a 'big' cake when it's just the 2 of us. Even my 'small' bundt pan is too big, so I decided to make mini-bundts. Z got me the trays as a Chanukah present but I never used them. I made 1/2 a recipe of batter and got exactly 12 mini-bundts. (Each cake took 2 Tbsps of batter.)
We devoured one (ok, it wasn't so hard to do - they are 2-bite cakes after all.) Ping-Pong ate one all by himself, I left 2 out for Shabbos and bagged/froze the others for a later date. I just have to drizzle them with a glaze and that will be that.
Last night was pretty miserable in terms of rest. I fell asleep somewhere in the vicinity of midnight, got woken up at 3, fell back asleep at 5:30 and then woke up again at 7. When I couldn't fall asleep again I resigned myself to a long tired day and got up. (It's the worst on these loooong Fridays when dinner isn't until 9PM or thereabouts.)

I put a load of laundry into the machine, glazed the Black&White cookies, switched the laundry and put in a second load and thought about doing something else 'Shabbos prep' related.

Now it's 8:50 in the morning and I'm not sure where or what to start with. I haven't finished that booklet project (that's due today) because I'm having a mental block about what photos and graphics to include in it - also because the client may or may not be changing the text but hasn't decided yet and if he has then he hasn't let me know. So, chances are pretty good I'll get a call in about 20 minutes and he'll be demanding to know why he doesn't have his booklet yet and that will get me all riled up, upset and will ruin my day. I'm already anticipating it and it's making me kind of sad.

I don't have a menu-plan for tonight (because lots of things got switched around - because we're having a guest next week), I haven't cooked anything, my house is a mess, we're supposed to go to an 'upsherin' on the other side of town that's called for 10:30-1:30... I'm really just not sure where to start (and no - 'the beginning' doesn't help.)

Bright side - we're going out for Shabbos lunch, which means I don't have to cook. (Although I should probably make something for seudah shlishit.) It's just a little annoying that the people we're going to live in the middle of the city, about 3 km away from us - down down down the hill. (Which means, up up up on the way home.) I love the breeze but if I had a choice in the matter all those Anglos would move up here so they'd get the view, breeze and be closer to us. Am I selfish much?

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