Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Strong Wax

Woke up bright and early this morning - but wasn't quite in the mood to make cinnamon buns. I did get out though. Went into town for an appointment (read: no more fuzzy caterpillars on my face) and then stopped off in Mega and picked up some veggies - since it was 'shuk-day' and got a sweet sweet melon for a just 4 shekels.I was about 1/2 a block away from the stop when I saw a bus pull up. Considering the hour I realized that if I missed it I'd probably be stuck waiting at least 1/2 an hour for the next one. So I did something I almost never do and ran for it. Thankfully the driver saw me and waved to say "don't worry, I'll wait" and he did. I'd call that a glass half-full morning.Last night I actually made the macaroni & cheese for dinner. It turned out wonderfully. I'm so glad I've finally gotten the hang of this "roux-making" - my white sauce comes out delightfully thickened and tasty. Look it - I caught some of the teeny macaronis in my whisk.
The sunset last night was extraordinary. The photo doesn't quite do it justice -but I'll blame that on the fact that my camera is a spazztastic point-n-shoot. (it just hasn't quite been the same since it went to the beach on Pesach.)
Tonight for dinner we're having pizza. Yup, sourdough pizza. I super-charged my starter yesterday and then again this morning so that there would be enough. (Ok - so I fed it a lot but it's doing fine.) Z helped by making the dough - he did all the tough kneading by hand (cause it's way too stiff for my mixer.) It's been rising for the last 2 hours but doesn't seem to have risen significantly. (Should have made 2 batches like last time - see, sometimes it pays to be paranoid.) Still - it's only 5:15 so we've got some time until we decide to eat dinner. Hopefully the poof-ing magic will happen and all will be well.

Ora slept over last night and will be sleeping over tonight too. (She's just finishing up her finals.)

I spent 3 hours working today - and my brain feels overloaded with layout and design stuff. Still got that booklet, book, logo and other stuff to do though. Whoooowee.

Tomorrow is already time to start cooking for Shabbos and doing laundry. Where'd my week go?

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