Friday, June 25, 2010

Surprise Parties!

Today I got the bestest surprise and the funniest part was that I had absolutely no idea that it was even coming! I should have been tipped off when Sammy called from Mommy's phone asking about making desserts for Shabbos. Then I should've been more attentive when Mommy was very nonchalant about answering my cooking question.Anywho - Z announced that he was 'going to the bathroom' and before I heard the bathroom door close, the doorbell rang. So, I called for Z to answer the door. He tried to tell me to get it, and that he was going to the facilities, but I yelled back "I'm not dressed" because I wasn't wearing a mitpachat. So he begrudgingly opened the door.I heard a whole lot of whispering and shuffling of feets, and kind of wondered what was going on. Then I realized that he was letting people in - which kind of confused me - until I turned around and saw Sammy. Then I made a connection - if Sammy was here then Mommy was with her - I promptly hung-up on Mommy (who I had been talking to on the cell phone.)Suddenly everybody was there - the whole mishpacha (minus fuzz and the kitties) - in my living room - with balloons, a cake and presents!Complete and utter shock with a slight case of deliriously happy confusion. Yup - that's how I was feeling.So we had some cake, sampled the Shabbos food and sniffed Mr. Stinky (the sourdough starter.) We talked about ice and the price of ice (ice for sale, 10 cents a pail) and all about Foofoo the Snoo. Ok - that's not really what we talked about - but it was along the lines of wacky and weird. You know - typical family stuff.And we ate a whole lot of cake (which it seems had fallen apart a bit so had been doctored with a layer of deliciously chocolate-y ganache and then drizzled with a super-pink glaze.) The cake was yummy, the ganache was awesome and the pink glaze turned all of our tongues an unnatural shade of fuschia.And we took a whole bunch of pictures. Just because we had cameras and we could. Sammy even showed us the best way to get 'self-snapshots' - just turn the camera upside down! It's brilliant. (Except that then the time-stamp is upside down when you turn the picture the right way. So either don't turn on the time-stamp feature or just leave it cause it's a funny memento.)Yup - decidedly the best surprise birthday party ever.

Thanks so much guys! I really appreciated it!

Now I feel like I'm really starting off my second quarter-century in style!

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