Monday, June 07, 2010

Vacationary Dreams

I love peanut butter. It makes me happy. It's creamy and salty but also a bit
sweet. It's great for savory foods but it also makes awesome desserts. My favorite way to eat it is straight from the jar - (with my fingers) - but don't tell too many people or they might not want to eat at my house anymore...

I made these cookies for Shabbos. The recipe description was 'for the purist' and they were really really good. They have a crunchy soft outside and a deliciously chewy center. What's not to love?


Yesterday was a packed whirlwind kind of day. Went into Jeru at 11AM and didn't get Home again until 7PM. Dinner was a cinch to put together thanks to leftover couscous (almost a whole bag was left from Friday night - cause we got really full after soup) and an assortment of vegetable sticks (from Shabbos lunch) - so with the addition of onion wedges, a cubed chicken-breast, a bit of chicken stock, some teriyaki sauce and a dash of soy sauce - we had quite a yummy '15 minute meal' without too much fuss.

Last night Ora slept over. It's officially 'finals period' for students - so the studious ones have been spending copious amounts of time in the library. Due to timing and travel constraints - sometimes it's easier to just stay 'local' rather than wasting precious time travelling. Anywho - we love it when Ora stops by and are more than happy to host her (and any one else who needs or wants a place to crash for a night or two.)

This morning I woke up bright and early. After making Ora some lunch and a snack to take with her to the library my first order of business was 1/2 an hour of work on the neverending project. I fixed up the logo and sent it off to be uploaded to the website. Then I procrastinated for a couple of minutes and 'finagled' a logo together for a friend of mine - she doesn't have to like it (although now that I'm taking a 2nd look at it - I kind of like it) but as I was saying - she doesn't have to like it - I was just bored and figured, "hey, that's something procrastinator-y and noncommittal to do for a couple of minutes."

I'm currently heating up a lasagna (that I made for seudah shlishit that we never ate because we were too busy enjoying the honey-mustard-coated shnitzels all afternoon.) So brunch will be served in about 1/2 an hour.

Officially I've got a booklet to lay out for a client who contacted me on Thursday afternoon. It needs to be done sometime this week. I've also got an offer of work from an old contact back in Jeru - so I'm probably going to follow up on that. I'm also excited to see if I can work some layout magic on my first 'real' book - but I'm just waiting to receive a copy of the manuscript with details.

I can't say I'm bored - though I've definitely got the June-bug and am very much in the mood to spend all day every day outside soaking up the sun. Not in a lying around and tannig way - rather in a walking/running/skipping/playing/jumping in the sun kind of way. I can't help it - it's my birthday month - it calls to me.

Ok - so I'm slightly off-my-rocker - but heck, that's a good thing.

Isn't it?

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