Friday, July 30, 2010

Novart Is

Yesterday I tried to get all the 'big stuff' (in terms of Shabbos prep/cooking) out of the way. So all of the time-consuming prep was done nice and early.

At around 10PM I opened the fridge to put something away and noticed that it didn't feel overly cool inside. The air was actually kind of warm and the fridge wasn't making the same noise it usually does. We put the temperature to the 'coldest' setting and figured that if there was still a problem in the morning that we would call a technician. (We asked the girls upstairs whether we could stick our Shabbos food into their fridge - just to be on the safe side...)

At 7:30 this morning I stuck my hand into the fridge and was disappointed that it didn't feel cold. I mean, the butter wasn't melted but it was pretty soft. (And so much for my milk conservation act - the 1/4 liter that I didn't freeze the other day was spoiled...) So we called a technician - they said they'd come at around 1:30PM.

Lo and behold - at 10:30AM I took some ingredients out of the fridge to bake some cookies (oatmeal craisin white chocolate chip - Z's request) and realized that the air in the fridge was noticeably cooler. At 11 the tehcnician called to say he would arrive in about 20 minutes and I realized that I had make the temperature a bit warmer or run the risk of stuff freezing in the fridge.

Summary of events - the technician was sorry that the fridge had started working because there's a 220 shekel fee for having them come - and it's pointless when the thing is working just fine - but you still have to pay. Did I mention that the 1 year warranty expired on July 20th (yup - 9 days ago. If the thing had broken 9 days ago the technician would have been free.) But now that they came once to check out the situation and we paid - if there's a problem again within 3 months - they will come back free of charge. Isn't that nice?

Remember those cookies I mentioned I was baking - well, they came out f-l-a-t. Completely flat and lifeless. Nobody seemed to mind (the fridge technicians, husband, brother-in-law and Sarah Leah all tasted and agreed that they're good.) But it bothers me. Since I don't eat most of what I bake - the part I get enjoyment from is that the presentation is nice.

Did I mention that I also burnt the cookie brittle? Some dire consequence of forgotten papers and running out to the bus-stop in my pajamas. Ah well.

Hopefully I won't burn the chicken - that would just be the last straw. I think I'd crawl into bed, curl up into a ball and never get up again.

Have a wonderful Shabbos!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

She is a'courtin - 1 2 3...

Last night Sarah Leah came over. She brought me all sorts of fun presents back from MerryCa! Yay for new clothes and awesomely cute cupcake liners! She's sticking around until Sunday so we're gonna have a great weekend!

This morning she went off to her cousin's bris in Eli. Z left bright and early too - he went to pick up the laptop from the IBM Center in Givat Shmuel. I decided to be productive while they were out - so I made my chicken soup for Shabbos and mixed up the matzah ball stuff, then I layered my lasagna and put chickpeas up to soak. Not too shabby for 12PM on a Thursday in the middle of the summer.

I have bad luck with bathing-suits. For some reason every time I order a new one, it doesn't fit. Two years ago I ordered 2, and by the time I got them they were too small. Last year I ordered 2 and the store had started cutting them smaller so they were larger than the previous year's but they didn't fit either. This year I ordered a new one and guess what - it's too big! On the bright side - the ones I ordered 2 years ago fit now. Quite nicely as a matter of fact. So - I'm happy. Very happy.

Z called me from Bnei B'rak to say that there was a fruit & vegetable vendor who had decent prices and good looking produce - so he picked up a whole batch of fruits and veggies! I'm so excited! Plums and Melons - Yay!

Tonight Z's brother is coming to Ariel to stay with us for a night. He has a 'regilah' and since it's 'summer break' for the yeshiva-world, yeshiva is kind of boring (and they don't serve food...)

Sushi for dinner tonight - in honor of Sarah Leah.

Should be fun!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

See Legs

Well - after a wonderful day yesterday last night was decidedly a disappointment. Not that I expected any differently. Last night was (hopefully the last) 'all-nighter' of the semester for Z. That means - from when he decided to buckle-down and work I became a non-entity. As in nonexistent. Completely, totally, utterly invisible. Not there. Getting my drift?

I (stupidly) lay down on the couch at around 1AM figuring I would keep him company and woke up at 7AM all cramped and achy to the sound of a 'shoot-em-up' video-game wafting out of the office and the project not-quite-finished-yet on the dining room table.

Now it's 10AM and he finally finished the project and left for his presentation.

So far this morning I; watered the plants, considered paying the bills that are piled up on the computer desk (we only got them in the mail yesterday - don't worry), tried on my 'old' skirts which now officially fit again (woohoo! I'm 2 sizes down! Yeah, I'm still 17lbs away from what I weighed when I got married - but considering I've lost 26lbs - in the last 5's pretty exciting. All I've wanted for the last 2 years is to fit into my 'old' clothes - and it's finally happening. Plus, I'm hoping that once I reach equilibrium, and my pre-marriage weight - that the Dr. will start taking me seriously about my stomachaches/nausea and will agree to send me to a gastro rather than telling me that I don't feel well because I'm fat and I don't eat properly.) 3 cheers for finally having pretty shabbos skirts to wear again! I can finally stop wearing my black wrap skirt every week Friday night and Shabbos day!

I also started a new thing in my kitchen, let's just call it a 'milk conservation act' - Almost every other week we buy a 1 liter (4 cup) bag of milk. It sits in the fridge waiting for me to get in the mood to either bake something milchig, make pancakes, cook up some macaroni & cheese or even drink a cup of coffee. When the expiration date approaches I usually use a cup or so of it because I feel guilty wasting a whole liter of milk - but inevitably I wind up pouring most of it down the drain, clumpy, smelly and waaaay post-expiration date. Waste of money, waste of milk. So I've decided to finally take action. This week we bought a bag of milk. I measured it out by the 1/2 cup and froze it in little containers. Although spontaneous coffee drinking won't necessarily be as plausible with this method - hopefully a lot less milk will end up being wasted. Seems worth the effort to me. (But I'll let you know how I feel about it in a few months.)

I'm not quite sure what to do today. Z probably won't be home until this evening so I'm on my own. I'm not in the mood to do arts-n-crafts (cause my bitten nails/fingers hurt - a lot - I did quite a number on them.) I don't want to bake because I made bread yesterday and there are plenty of sweets in the house already. It's a little too early to cook for Shabbos (or I'll be bored out of my mind tomorrow and Friday.) I don't want to organize shelves - just because it's one of those 'things to do' that always needs to be done and I don't have patience to start it today.

I suppose I could type up some more recipes for the cookbooks. I'm almost finished with the typing and the layout is pretty quick. Now I just need pictures...

Did I mention that the photographer from our wedding finally sent us the album-proof the other day? It looks really nice and hopefully we'll have our wedding album by the end of August. Won't that be nice?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tid Eee...

I woke up bright and early this morning and spent about half an hour comparing 'bun' recipes.
Why was I making buns? Well, because we were having a family bbq and hang-out day! See, for the last few months I've been suffering from really bad motion-sickness which makes it almost impossible to go anywhere or do anything fun. It's kind of been a bummer - because it means that we haven't gone out to see any movies, or out to eat, or well - anywhere really - because being on a bus for just 20 minutes to get to town makes me feel really sick. Soooooo - when people come and visit me it's like the very best of all options!
This afternoon Mommy, Phil, Ez & Dibble paid us a visit! We decided to have a BBQ for a late lunch / really early dinner. That's why I made buns. They were really quite delicious - soft but strong. I will definitely be making them again. I made 3 shapes - Hamburger, Hotdog & super-sized hotdog (for chicken sandwiches.)
Because we live on the side of a mountain and there's a crazy-strong wind that blows through the apartment (from back to front) we have come to the conclusion that the best place to grill stuff is actually on our kitchen counter. Unbelievably enough the smoke gets sucked right out the window - there wasn't even any residual smoky-smell lingering inside. It was great!
Z did the grilling and after setting the table we enjoyed a full spread of hotdogs, burgers and bbq chicken. Z even made some of his sweetened iced tea - which was deeelish (even though Avi wasn't such a fan.)
Then we shmoozed and relaxed for a while. Eventually Z had to leave for school - so we said goodbye to him and stayed right where we were on the comfy couches enjoying the breeze.
Awesomeness of awesomenesses - Mommy offered to take me to Yesh - which meant I could get all the heavy groceries that I've been postponing getting because they're heavy to shlep. Did I mention that it's 'customer appreciation day' from July 27-29 at Yesh - so tons of stuff was an additional 25% off! Hoooorayyyy!!!
After unloading the car and shlepping the groceries upstairs we sorted out movies (so that the family will have some entertainment for the next little while) and then they piled into the van and drove off into the sunset. Literally.

All in all a truly wonderful day.

Thanks y'all! You're the bestests!

Monday, July 26, 2010


Today Z did 2 loads of laundry and made lunch and dinner. I can officially retire from my position as housewife.

IBM called to give us the proposal for fixing the laptop. They want 3,000 shekels to replace the screen. So I guess that means we've just got to get a new one. *sigh*

I feel like an electronics-gremlin. If it's electronic and I touch it it breaks. That's bad news for a semi-geek.

I'm annoyed at the stupid presentation on Wednesday. I hate playing evil headmistress.

A whole bunch of people are supposed to be coming to visit starting tomorrow and until Sunday so at least it won't be quite as quiet and boring as it has been the last few days.

I am in serious need of a hug.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ouija Said So

I guess I need to start with Friday. Aside from a disagreement over pesto - which ended up as za'atar chicken - Friday was nothing special. I got in the mood for something cake-y but didn't want blondies (cause we had them last Shabbos) so I made a funfetti cake - a 1/2 recipe of yellow cake which I stirred confetti sprinkles into before baking in a 9" round pan - and just for some over-the-top decadence - after the cake cooled, I sliced it down the equator and frosted between the layers and the whole shebang with ultimate-chocolate frosting. (Shosh - I LOVE the recipe you gave me. I made 1/6th and it was more than enough for my 1 round cake.) Kitzur - I made a super-special cake and rationalized it by pretending that it was a Happy First Anniversary Cake for Rik & Yehuda Miller - who weren't going to be able to indulge in the sinful deliciousness that I'd created anyway - not only due to distance but also due to gluten and sugar contents. And so - as any good sister-in-law would do I indulged for them.
Shabbos was nice and quiet. I read 2 Juliet Marillier books and slept a lot. I also ingested waaaay too many BBQ pringles and a lot of the aforementioned cake. (I'm gonna say it's a good thing though - since it was the first time I was actually hungry in about 6 weeks.)

I bit my nails down to nothing again. Not sure why. Could be because Z's finals period is stressing me out more than it's stressing him out. I really can't wait for it to be over.

Today Z is taking the laptop to Givat Shmuel to find out whether we're getting it repaired or getting a new one. Then he's off to Nes Tziona to pay a shiva call. He should be home sometime tonight - hopefully before 1AM this time.

SO I'm spending all day alone today.

Exciting prospect, huh?

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Z had an exam at 9AM so Frizzie woke him up at 8. The test was over by 10 so we caught a 10:30 bus to town.

First stop was the post office. We mailed a special letter to NY, NY and pick up our package. Next stop was Mega for some groceries. (Exciting news y'all - they're finally letting people sign up for their 'club card' (which gets you all sorts of great deals) without forcing you to get a 'credit card' too.) On our way to the bus-stop a bus pulled up - so we ran the last few feet and caught it back up the mountain.

Back at Home I put away the groceries and Z got to install our brand spanking new sound-card. Now that the sound quality is top-notch the next step (maybe as an anniversary present) will be decent speakers.

I'll quickly mention the bug-infestation in my barley - yeah - really really really really gross. The container was crawling. I exterminated and disinfected and washed and checked everything else in the cupboard. *shudders* yuck. bugs.

This afternoon I started cooking for Shabbos and I didn't do much - but it was enough. There's already challah in the freezer and Z made 6 liters of homebrewed lemon iced tea.

The menu goes something like this -

Friday night:
Roasted Garlic, Chumus, Chicken soup with matzah balls (cause we love 'em), pesto chicken wings, garlic rice, peas and possibly roasted root veggies.

Shabbos Lunch:
Roasted Garlic, Chumus, Pickles, Bulgur Sidedish, Honey Mustard Shnitzel, Tossed Green Salad, Chickpea Salad (if we get chickpeas tomorrow anyway), and I kind of want a kugel - so maybe I'll make a potato something? (Ok - so I don't quite have it figured out - but by the time Shabbos gets here it'll be settled.)

Oh yeah - I even made a flyer for yo'Abba who is currently enjoying his view of the Rockies from Denver. A couple hundred people are now in possession of a flyer I made too. Heehee, isn't that exciting?

Alrighty - I'm out of here. It's been quite a day and there's another one coming up real soon!

And I almost forgot to mention - both my cell phones are now officially dead so don't bother trying to call me on them. (Don't worry - I already ordered a 150nis replacement for my '8861' number - and it should be here sometime next week.)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oy Ha Moo

This morning was absolutely beautiful. The weather was pleasantly cool and I fell in love with the breeze all over again.

Z had a final this morning, at 9, so I fed him a cinnamon bun and sent him on his way. He came Home for a couple of hours before heading out to a levaya in Nes Tziona for a friend of the family from CT. On his way there his brother called to let him know that he managed to get out for the afternoon and was on his way as well.

I didn't leave the house today but I definitely made up for not eating yesterday. I waited semi-impatiently for chatzot and then decided that there was serious housework that needed to be addressed. (We were away from Home for an extra 2 days when the '9 days' began - so I hadn't done laundry or cleaned the bathrooms for 2 weeks, hadn't changed the sheets for about a month. Basically I hadn't done a lot of things that were kind of making my skin crawl cause the apartment just felt dirty.) Anywho - I eagerly 'dug in' and managed to change the sheets, wash the kitchen garbage can, cleaned both bathrooms, washed/folded and put away all of the laundry and still had plenty of time to read a couple-hundred pages of the next book that I've decided to reread. (Wolfskin - by: Juliet Marillier.)

Z should be Home some time between 9-11 tonight (depending on which train/buses he manages to catch.)

The post-office sent a 'notice' that there's a package waiting for us. It's our new sound-card for the desktop and I am really excited about it! (Shout out to Brudder Eli for all his awesome help with that!) So I guess we'll be taking a trip to town tomorrow. Good thing since tomorrow is Thursday (again?) and I guess that means I kind of have to figure out Shabbos. (Does it seem like this happens a lot? Cause it sure feels like it does.) Anyway, a quick trip to the grocery store would probably be a good idea.

Maybe we'll stop by misrad hapnim too and drop off those passport forms. That would be multi-tasking, and would mean I could cross 2 things off my 'to-do' list.

As much as I love lists - I love checking things off once they've been done even more!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Well first order of business today is an enormous mazal tov going out to the Coren family in London in celebration of their baby boy's arrival this morning! Really excited for you! (What do they say - better late than ummm, on time? Eh, the best of us are born late - heck, I was 2 weeks late - but maybe I'm not the greatest example...) ;)

The fast today was pretty good. Woke up a little late (although I did get to enjoy the sunrise - gosh I love the silence and stillness of early early morning - or is it late late night? I'm really not sure.) Not surprisingly I wasn't hungry at all today and I only got a little thirsty towards the last 1/2 hour or so - not too bad if you ask me. (On the bright side - I remembered to pace myself eating afterwards and was only minimally sick to my stomach - which is good considering all I ate was about 1/2 a bowl of vegetable broth.)

Now it's getting late and Z is being a dear and washing up (cause he knows he owes me for washing up the Shabbos dishes.) I would have left it for tomorrow but we've been having some issues with ants (black pepper seemed to be working, but I think we need to resprinkle) and flies and bees. But that's all boring and kind of gross stuff.

In happy news Sarah Leah is coming Home soon! I'm excited to see her and she's bringing me presents! I am a little toooooo excited about my new cupcake-liners. Mini ones with little googly-eyes. Heeheehee! Yeah, ok - you get the point.

I'm going to go now because the screen is making my eyeballs ache. Must be a side-effect of not drinking all day.

Til' next time...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Parasitic Ailments(?)

Sunday was super boring although I actually managed to get some stuff done. I made a flyer for the conference, laid-out a chapter of a book and typed up a whole bunch of recipes for the next cookbook. As predicted Z pulled an all-nighter but I went to bed at around 2AM.

The morning rolled around too quickly and before I knew it the clock read 9 and I had finished reading the 5th book in the series that I've been making my way through for the fourth time.

Z left for school a little before 10 and after sharing the bagel recipe I got in the mood to make a batch of them myself. They really don't take very long to put together and even these 1 day ones taste pretty good. (Although, they seem to be even better after they've been frozen.) I was a little lazy so I didn't make any onion ones and stuck with the easy to sprinkle dry toppings I had on hand such as; garlic powder, salt, poppy seeds and sesame seeds. Of course I left a few plain too. A single recipe of dough made 14 bagels (6 large and 8 medium.)

Alrighty - I'm off to start reading book 6. Z has a 'lunch-break' from the presentations from 1-2 but he isn't home yet so maybe I should get some lunch ready before he gets here.

Hard to believe that tonight Tisha b'av begins. I'm not sure how I'm going to make it through the fast.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

By the Star...

Shabbos was nice, quiet and relaxing. I did all of my cooking late Friday afternoon and timed everything so that I could start and finish just in time to pop the food out of the oven and straight onto the plata.

Friday night we enjoyed chumus and roasted garlic with our challah, chicken soup with matzah balls, sesame chicken (which got to marinate for about 18 hours before cooking which made the chicken deliciously tasty and tender), couscous and some perfectly cooked peas.

Lunch today was light and delicious and included potato knishes, tomato onion 3-cheese quiche and a vegetable platter served with chumus for dipping.

I managed to read about 1,400 pages between Friday night and today. All in all quite an enjoyable way to spend a delightfully warm and sunny day.

As a special dinner I decided to make a messed-up form of baked ziti for 'melava malka' - I say messed-up because I made it with spiraly noodles which I drowned in tomato sauce and then mixed with Parmesan cheese. Oh yeah - and no baking went on.

Tomorrow I begin undertaking a number of projects that are on my 'to-do' list. Hopefully I'll make some progress. Z is going to be busy for all of the day and most of the night (if not all of it) working on his project for Monday. I'm assuming he'll also be up most of tonight as well - he napped this afternoon to make sure he'd be rested enough for yet another bout of 'all-nighters' - isn't that exciting?

Anywho - I'm off to finish the last 200 pages of my book. Might as well - it's going to be a long night...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Zee-fat Butt...

Hello world! I'm kinda sorta back-ish.

The last 3 days have been kind of whirlwind adventure. The girls went on a trip to the north. We stayed at a lovely little 'tzimmer' in Tzfat.
On the first day we stopped in Megido on the way to Tzfat and had dinner on the 'midrechov' in Tzfat.
The second day we hiked at Banias and then drove to the tippy-top of the country to visit Rosh Hanikra then headed back to Tfzat for dinner and a mud-mask party.
The third day we spent a couple of hours exploring Tzfat, then stopped in Teveriah on the way home for some lunch.
Z and I were going to spend another Shabbos in Bet Shemesh but Z is still in the midst of his finals period and has a crazy week coming up (including, a presentation on Monday, exams on Tuesday and Wednesday and a project due on Wednesday as well. As you can guess he's been busy with getting things that were due yesterday done - so he hasn't started preparing for any of the stuff due next week.) So we cancelled Shabbos plans at the last minute and will be home after all.
We haven't had a chance to go get the laptop fixed yet so I'll be around sporadically until we do.

I guess considering it's almost 6PM on Thursday, I should probably go figure out what to cook for Shabbos. It's a good thing I've got challah in the freezer already.

I'm a little sad cause Z is in Ashkelon at his brother's tekes-kumta and probably won't be home until around 10PM tonight and I want to see him cause it's been a few days.

It's kind of strange to go from being surrounded with a whole bunch of people non-stop to being all alone.

Ah well - lo norah...

Monday, July 12, 2010

Roscoe Goes Bonkers...

Hello world! I'm alive! I've been off gallivanting with the mishpacha. The Millers are in The Holy Land and we've been busy showing them the sights.
On Thursday we met up with everyone in Jerusalem. We visited the kotel, walked through the old city, had dinner at Mamilla and then headed back to Bet Shemesh. (Actually the group split up and half of them went to the 10PM Kotel Tunnel Tour and then walked the ramparts before the drive back to Bet Shemesh.
Considering Thursday's touring started at 9AM and ended at 1:30AM on Friday - everybody slept a little late Friday morning. Then we did Shabbos cooking and preparation, and of course some last minute grocery shopping - yay for sales on ice cream! A few hours before Shabbos we picked Robin up at the hotel her tour-group was staying at and she joined us for Shabbos.
Shabbos was fun and relaxing. We played Bananagrams, shmoozed, rested and ate a whole lot of chocolate bobka and apple pie bars! The Miskins visited Shabbos afternoon which was as always cute and overall it was a highly enjoyable day of rest.
Motzei Shabbos flew by and before we knew it Sunday morning had rolled around. After a quick breakfast a group headed off to Massada and the Dead Sea for a day of fun and excitement.

Dinner was delish - pasta with tomato and eggplant sauce and little white fishies with 1/2-whole-wheat-oatmeal-rolls on the side.

Monday morning we got an early start and met up with Z's friend Yossi in Yafo. He took us around and showed us the sights. It was informative and fun - although it was hot and sticky on the coast. Then Mommy was an absolute angel and drove us back to Ariel instead of making us take a train and bus from Tel Aviv.
What else is new? Well, the laptop screen is broken (we think the internal light burned out - but we've got to take it to IBM in givat shmuel to have it looked at) so we don't have the laptop at the moment. Also, the sound card on the desktop went kaflooey - so we don't have sound on the desktop for now or until we get a new card...

Thursday evening we're hoping to attend Z's brother's tekes kumta in Ashkelon and then we'll hop back to Bet Shemesh for another Shabbos with the mishpacha.

Tomorrow I'll be heading up north for a 2 night 'girls road-trip' - it should be a whole lot of fun. More on that when I get back...

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Rush of Energy

Yesterday was decidedly boring until the sun started to set. I made pancakes for breakfast and the waited around for something to do. Then suddenly we had guests and then I had to run out to get my messy tiny little eyebrow hairs waxed off. (Sorry if that's too much information - I'm looking for stuff to write!)

I'm a little upset with myself because I should have worked on Saba's book - but after finishing the last load of neverending project stuff, I felt like I needed a mindless break. So, instead I started laying-out the 'Breads, Soups & Salads' cookbook. I imported all of the recipes into InDesign and even added the pictures that I had on file. (Although I only seem to have photos of the breads - and 1 of the soups and 1 of the salads...) I am kind of on a deadline for the cookbooks because I really want to send a set to Moushkie for her wedding - and that's in August (along with 2 other weddings...)

Z and I have been watching 'America's Got Talent' as an 'unwind' show. It's like a bunch of youtube clips in TV show form. It's light and entertaining. (Can you tell that I really haven't got anything exciting to write about?)

The plan for today involves finishing up the laundry, straightening up the apartment, packing the backpack, going to Jeru to meet up with the family after Z's exam, dinner in the city, the ride to Bet Shemesh and then we'll be in The Sun House for the weekend.

I'm trying to decide what to do with the sourdough starter. There's quite a bit in the bowl - because I had thought about baking this week - but I never quite got around to it. Maybe I should bake a loaf to take with us? I just can't decide. I think I'll discard and feed it and then put it in the fridge. It should be alright until Sunday or whenever we get home. I hope...

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Soda Bread Fail...

There is a lesson that life has tried to teach me numerous times - and I refuse to learn it. Not for any reason in particular - it's just that sometimes I am lazy. I suppose I am also a bit overconfident in my mathematical abilities.

Fact of the matter is - I would be a lot better off if this one would actually stick in my brain.
When one is cooking or baking a fraction of a recipe - it is a whole lot simpler to sit down and write out the directions, with the amounts for the ingredients adjusted.

Take this 4-seed Soda Bread (that I've been meaning to bake for ages.) I decided to make a small loaf (1/2 a recipe) and against my better judgement I didn't pre-determine all of the calculations.

So I made up 1 cup of buttermilk (even though the original recipe called for 1&3/4 cups, which meant that really I only needed 1+1/4+1/8 cups.)

Then because I got flustered in trying to get the stuff into the oven as quickly as possible (because soda bread rises from the baking soda action - which starts when it gets wet) I poured in the little whole cup of milk - and was confused when the dough was so sticky that there was no way to knead it as the instructions directed.
I plopped it into a lined pan (which I forgot to flour - so the paper was stuck to the bottom of the loaf.) It looked like the saddest little blob I've ever made. Then I realized my mistake - but wasn't about to scrape it back into the bowl to try and add more flour. So I just put it into the oven.

Somehow it actually grew a bit and baked. I haven't tasted it yet - but my hopes aren't too high.

I kind of looks nice. Ish. Right?
Poor flat little loaf.

Next time - I'll take a couple of minutes beforehand and will try to add the right amount of liquid.

Ah well - next time.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Poppy Seeds are for The Birds...

Happy Tuesday everybody!

This morning I woke up at 7 - you know, the time I usually get up.

Finally at 10:30 we left the house. We walked down to the mailbox (we got another wedding invitation), and then caught a bus to town. We stopped off at the library and then walked down to Yesh to do a quick shopping. All sorts of fun stuff was on sale - plastic cups, breakfast cereal (woohoo - Cheerios!), and even Pam cooking spray! We didn't have to wait too long for a bus and were home pretty quickly.

Z was really happy because I let him make hot-dogs for lunch.

After watering the plants in the garden I sat down and worked on the neverending project for a couple of hours. I finally finished the narrative booklets and a tri-fold brochure.

Tonight Z has his first class - he's taking a summer course in AutoCAD - that way he won't have to do it in the fall-semester. Class is from 5-9 PM.

Oh - turns out that the whole process of getting registered as a business is relatively simple. A neighbor of mine took care of it on Sunday. She said it's just a trip to Petach Tikva, a few forms, 2 floors, and a bunch of waiting. So now maybe I'll be more motivated to actually get it taken care of. Come on people - I need a push!

The most exciting part of today is that Aunt Sabrina and Lisa are arriving in Israel this afternoon. We're heading to The Sun House on Thursday night to see them and spend Shabbos with the family.

Til' next time...

Monday, July 05, 2010

Cause I'm a Nice Wife...


Just wanted to update you and show you that I was sincere about doing something today.
The something I chose was cinnamon buns for breakfast.
Not sure if anything else is going to get done today.
But breakfast was pretty tasty...

Like A Squirrel...

Me again! Shabbos was really nice and relaxing. I read over 800 pages (that was a book and a 1/3rd) and took a quick nap (so that I'd still be tired at night) and we played rummikub. The food was delicious (the soup-only thing Friday night was brilliant - considering we sat down to eat at 9PM and neither of us was hungry) and shabbos lunch was light (which was nice cause we finished our meal before 11 even though Z only got home from shul at 10:45.)

Yesterday was July 4th (not that it means much living here) but we got to see fireworks (ok, so they were in a neighboring arab village for some inexplicable reason - but they were fireworks nonetheless.) Fireworks are a lot less exciting in this country - living in Jerusalem someone was shooting them off almost every night and even out in this sleepy town in the Shomron there are still fireworks at least once a week. I'm not sure why - there just are.

Not much happened yesterday. Actually, to be honest nothing happened yesterday. Z & I sat on the couch and procrastinated an entire Sunday away. Waste of time? Yes. Boring? Yes. But we did it anyway.

Today we're planning on being semi-productive - but first we're going to fight over who gets to use the big computer first.

Maybe I'll go make some cinnamon buns for breakast. I like nice breakfasts.

Friday, July 02, 2010

The Hair Messer Upper...

Last night Z and I finally watched 'The Blind Side' - it was a good movie and deserved the awards it received. For some reason I had trouble falling asleep last night. I'm almost certain it was because the window was open and my toes were cold - but I can't be sure.I woke up this morning and put up potatoes to boil for knish filling. I had attempted a 6th recipe for dough yesterday and figured it wouldn't hurt it to stay in the fridge overnight. The dough was a pleasure to work with - it wasn't overly sticky and it sealed nicely, but the overtones of apple-juice were clearly discernible - so on to the next one...
We decided that we're going to try something totally different this week. Instead of no soup (because it's supposed to be chilly) we're going to have only soup. I'm going to add some more chicken and extra vegetables and that'll be that. Tonight just challah with chumus and garlic and then big bowlfuls of chicken soup. Tomorrow lasagna, potato knishes and a big green salad.

How did I get Z to agree to 'just soup' for dinner? I told him that we could have a nice late lunch and that I'd make him 'grown-up baked ziti' - that way he wouldn't be hungry all afternoon and evening.
Now we're just finishing the clean up and then we'll have lunch and probably watch a movie.
Does anybody know how the bear confused my wok for a bathtub?


Have a great Shabbos!

Thursday, July 01, 2010


Although Z pulled a 'mostly-all-nighter' last night (finishing the project for his presentation today) I went to sleep nice and early - at around 11ish. For some weird reason I woke up at 7 this morning, wandered around for about 20 minutes and then got back into bed and slept until 8:45.

At 9 I decided to get up and be productive. Turned out to be a good idea, because at 9:30 Eli called to say he was in town and that he was waiting for a bus to bring him up the mountain.
I'm a good sister, so first I offered him breakfast (pizza and sourdough bread - all homemade of course.) Then I put him to work sharpening my knives, cause they needed it and he's darned good at it.
Meanwhile I mixed up a double batch of sugar cookies (same as last week - different colors - cause I offered to make for my friend who had a baby last week for Shabbos) and I also put together a full batch of challah dough (cause I had also offered to make challah and I needed for me too.) I made 4 big loaves and 8 small ones (but we ate one of the small ones straight out of the oven. Yum!)
In the afternoon Ora stopped by. She brought us the awesomest gift - a real live (ok, not really 'live' literally) but she got us a wok! Yup - a wok! How utterly awesome is that?!?! I'm super duper excited about making stir-fries! Why? Cause now I have a wok!!!! Can ya tell I'm excited?
It was a combined effort but between Z and Eli there was vegetable sushi and fish-sushi (yes, the tuna was pan-seared and safe to eat) for a nice late lunch.

Eventually Ora had to go so we said g'bye. Then I baked the sugar cookies and we introduced Eli to a funny new comedian and then he took off too. (I packed him a bag of 25 sugar cookies - in 5 different colors! So pretty! Cause I like to feed our soldiers cookies and cause I luuuv my brudder!)
This morning I cooked up a huge pot of chicken soup (cause it's supposed to be chilly-ish Friday night.) My challot are baked and dessert is done. The lasagna is coming out of the freezer and the chicken and some rice shouldn't really take too much time to throw together tomorrow. So Shabbos is officially nothing to worry about.

Tomorrow morning we've got to run a whole batch of errands. We have to drop off sourdough starter and a sourdough loaf and return a borrowed book in one place, we have to drop off challahs and cookies in another place and then we've got to pick up flowers and maybe some fruits and nuts in another place. Hopefully it won't take us too long.

Yay - Shabbos is coming!