Thursday, July 01, 2010


Although Z pulled a 'mostly-all-nighter' last night (finishing the project for his presentation today) I went to sleep nice and early - at around 11ish. For some weird reason I woke up at 7 this morning, wandered around for about 20 minutes and then got back into bed and slept until 8:45.

At 9 I decided to get up and be productive. Turned out to be a good idea, because at 9:30 Eli called to say he was in town and that he was waiting for a bus to bring him up the mountain.
I'm a good sister, so first I offered him breakfast (pizza and sourdough bread - all homemade of course.) Then I put him to work sharpening my knives, cause they needed it and he's darned good at it.
Meanwhile I mixed up a double batch of sugar cookies (same as last week - different colors - cause I offered to make for my friend who had a baby last week for Shabbos) and I also put together a full batch of challah dough (cause I had also offered to make challah and I needed for me too.) I made 4 big loaves and 8 small ones (but we ate one of the small ones straight out of the oven. Yum!)
In the afternoon Ora stopped by. She brought us the awesomest gift - a real live (ok, not really 'live' literally) but she got us a wok! Yup - a wok! How utterly awesome is that?!?! I'm super duper excited about making stir-fries! Why? Cause now I have a wok!!!! Can ya tell I'm excited?
It was a combined effort but between Z and Eli there was vegetable sushi and fish-sushi (yes, the tuna was pan-seared and safe to eat) for a nice late lunch.

Eventually Ora had to go so we said g'bye. Then I baked the sugar cookies and we introduced Eli to a funny new comedian and then he took off too. (I packed him a bag of 25 sugar cookies - in 5 different colors! So pretty! Cause I like to feed our soldiers cookies and cause I luuuv my brudder!)
This morning I cooked up a huge pot of chicken soup (cause it's supposed to be chilly-ish Friday night.) My challot are baked and dessert is done. The lasagna is coming out of the freezer and the chicken and some rice shouldn't really take too much time to throw together tomorrow. So Shabbos is officially nothing to worry about.

Tomorrow morning we've got to run a whole batch of errands. We have to drop off sourdough starter and a sourdough loaf and return a borrowed book in one place, we have to drop off challahs and cookies in another place and then we've got to pick up flowers and maybe some fruits and nuts in another place. Hopefully it won't take us too long.

Yay - Shabbos is coming!

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