Thursday, July 22, 2010


Z had an exam at 9AM so Frizzie woke him up at 8. The test was over by 10 so we caught a 10:30 bus to town.

First stop was the post office. We mailed a special letter to NY, NY and pick up our package. Next stop was Mega for some groceries. (Exciting news y'all - they're finally letting people sign up for their 'club card' (which gets you all sorts of great deals) without forcing you to get a 'credit card' too.) On our way to the bus-stop a bus pulled up - so we ran the last few feet and caught it back up the mountain.

Back at Home I put away the groceries and Z got to install our brand spanking new sound-card. Now that the sound quality is top-notch the next step (maybe as an anniversary present) will be decent speakers.

I'll quickly mention the bug-infestation in my barley - yeah - really really really really gross. The container was crawling. I exterminated and disinfected and washed and checked everything else in the cupboard. *shudders* yuck. bugs.

This afternoon I started cooking for Shabbos and I didn't do much - but it was enough. There's already challah in the freezer and Z made 6 liters of homebrewed lemon iced tea.

The menu goes something like this -

Friday night:
Roasted Garlic, Chumus, Chicken soup with matzah balls (cause we love 'em), pesto chicken wings, garlic rice, peas and possibly roasted root veggies.

Shabbos Lunch:
Roasted Garlic, Chumus, Pickles, Bulgur Sidedish, Honey Mustard Shnitzel, Tossed Green Salad, Chickpea Salad (if we get chickpeas tomorrow anyway), and I kind of want a kugel - so maybe I'll make a potato something? (Ok - so I don't quite have it figured out - but by the time Shabbos gets here it'll be settled.)

Oh yeah - I even made a flyer for yo'Abba who is currently enjoying his view of the Rockies from Denver. A couple hundred people are now in possession of a flyer I made too. Heehee, isn't that exciting?

Alrighty - I'm out of here. It's been quite a day and there's another one coming up real soon!

And I almost forgot to mention - both my cell phones are now officially dead so don't bother trying to call me on them. (Don't worry - I already ordered a 150nis replacement for my '8861' number - and it should be here sometime next week.)

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