Friday, July 02, 2010

The Hair Messer Upper...

Last night Z and I finally watched 'The Blind Side' - it was a good movie and deserved the awards it received. For some reason I had trouble falling asleep last night. I'm almost certain it was because the window was open and my toes were cold - but I can't be sure.I woke up this morning and put up potatoes to boil for knish filling. I had attempted a 6th recipe for dough yesterday and figured it wouldn't hurt it to stay in the fridge overnight. The dough was a pleasure to work with - it wasn't overly sticky and it sealed nicely, but the overtones of apple-juice were clearly discernible - so on to the next one...
We decided that we're going to try something totally different this week. Instead of no soup (because it's supposed to be chilly) we're going to have only soup. I'm going to add some more chicken and extra vegetables and that'll be that. Tonight just challah with chumus and garlic and then big bowlfuls of chicken soup. Tomorrow lasagna, potato knishes and a big green salad.

How did I get Z to agree to 'just soup' for dinner? I told him that we could have a nice late lunch and that I'd make him 'grown-up baked ziti' - that way he wouldn't be hungry all afternoon and evening.
Now we're just finishing the clean up and then we'll have lunch and probably watch a movie.
Does anybody know how the bear confused my wok for a bathtub?


Have a great Shabbos!


Goose said...

The Blind Side was such an awesome movie! The best line was: "what you've never had your own room?" "no i never had a bed". Touching!

Rik said...

Ditto Yehuda.