Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Well first order of business today is an enormous mazal tov going out to the Coren family in London in celebration of their baby boy's arrival this morning! Really excited for you! (What do they say - better late than ummm, on time? Eh, the best of us are born late - heck, I was 2 weeks late - but maybe I'm not the greatest example...) ;)

The fast today was pretty good. Woke up a little late (although I did get to enjoy the sunrise - gosh I love the silence and stillness of early early morning - or is it late late night? I'm really not sure.) Not surprisingly I wasn't hungry at all today and I only got a little thirsty towards the last 1/2 hour or so - not too bad if you ask me. (On the bright side - I remembered to pace myself eating afterwards and was only minimally sick to my stomach - which is good considering all I ate was about 1/2 a bowl of vegetable broth.)

Now it's getting late and Z is being a dear and washing up (cause he knows he owes me for washing up the Shabbos dishes.) I would have left it for tomorrow but we've been having some issues with ants (black pepper seemed to be working, but I think we need to resprinkle) and flies and bees. But that's all boring and kind of gross stuff.

In happy news Sarah Leah is coming Home soon! I'm excited to see her and she's bringing me presents! I am a little toooooo excited about my new cupcake-liners. Mini ones with little googly-eyes. Heeheehee! Yeah, ok - you get the point.

I'm going to go now because the screen is making my eyeballs ache. Must be a side-effect of not drinking all day.

Til' next time...


Shoshana said...

I was early.... ok maybe i'm not such a good example either. Mazal Tov!!!! We are so excited...Maybe we could all meet on skype some day

Deborah said...

Thanks for the wishes
All home and well, looking forward to talking and showing him off soon