Monday, July 05, 2010

Like A Squirrel...

Me again! Shabbos was really nice and relaxing. I read over 800 pages (that was a book and a 1/3rd) and took a quick nap (so that I'd still be tired at night) and we played rummikub. The food was delicious (the soup-only thing Friday night was brilliant - considering we sat down to eat at 9PM and neither of us was hungry) and shabbos lunch was light (which was nice cause we finished our meal before 11 even though Z only got home from shul at 10:45.)

Yesterday was July 4th (not that it means much living here) but we got to see fireworks (ok, so they were in a neighboring arab village for some inexplicable reason - but they were fireworks nonetheless.) Fireworks are a lot less exciting in this country - living in Jerusalem someone was shooting them off almost every night and even out in this sleepy town in the Shomron there are still fireworks at least once a week. I'm not sure why - there just are.

Not much happened yesterday. Actually, to be honest nothing happened yesterday. Z & I sat on the couch and procrastinated an entire Sunday away. Waste of time? Yes. Boring? Yes. But we did it anyway.

Today we're planning on being semi-productive - but first we're going to fight over who gets to use the big computer first.

Maybe I'll go make some cinnamon buns for breakast. I like nice breakfasts.

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