Friday, July 30, 2010

Novart Is

Yesterday I tried to get all the 'big stuff' (in terms of Shabbos prep/cooking) out of the way. So all of the time-consuming prep was done nice and early.

At around 10PM I opened the fridge to put something away and noticed that it didn't feel overly cool inside. The air was actually kind of warm and the fridge wasn't making the same noise it usually does. We put the temperature to the 'coldest' setting and figured that if there was still a problem in the morning that we would call a technician. (We asked the girls upstairs whether we could stick our Shabbos food into their fridge - just to be on the safe side...)

At 7:30 this morning I stuck my hand into the fridge and was disappointed that it didn't feel cold. I mean, the butter wasn't melted but it was pretty soft. (And so much for my milk conservation act - the 1/4 liter that I didn't freeze the other day was spoiled...) So we called a technician - they said they'd come at around 1:30PM.

Lo and behold - at 10:30AM I took some ingredients out of the fridge to bake some cookies (oatmeal craisin white chocolate chip - Z's request) and realized that the air in the fridge was noticeably cooler. At 11 the tehcnician called to say he would arrive in about 20 minutes and I realized that I had make the temperature a bit warmer or run the risk of stuff freezing in the fridge.

Summary of events - the technician was sorry that the fridge had started working because there's a 220 shekel fee for having them come - and it's pointless when the thing is working just fine - but you still have to pay. Did I mention that the 1 year warranty expired on July 20th (yup - 9 days ago. If the thing had broken 9 days ago the technician would have been free.) But now that they came once to check out the situation and we paid - if there's a problem again within 3 months - they will come back free of charge. Isn't that nice?

Remember those cookies I mentioned I was baking - well, they came out f-l-a-t. Completely flat and lifeless. Nobody seemed to mind (the fridge technicians, husband, brother-in-law and Sarah Leah all tasted and agreed that they're good.) But it bothers me. Since I don't eat most of what I bake - the part I get enjoyment from is that the presentation is nice.

Did I mention that I also burnt the cookie brittle? Some dire consequence of forgotten papers and running out to the bus-stop in my pajamas. Ah well.

Hopefully I won't burn the chicken - that would just be the last straw. I think I'd crawl into bed, curl up into a ball and never get up again.

Have a wonderful Shabbos!

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