Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oy Ha Moo

This morning was absolutely beautiful. The weather was pleasantly cool and I fell in love with the breeze all over again.

Z had a final this morning, at 9, so I fed him a cinnamon bun and sent him on his way. He came Home for a couple of hours before heading out to a levaya in Nes Tziona for a friend of the family from CT. On his way there his brother called to let him know that he managed to get out for the afternoon and was on his way as well.

I didn't leave the house today but I definitely made up for not eating yesterday. I waited semi-impatiently for chatzot and then decided that there was serious housework that needed to be addressed. (We were away from Home for an extra 2 days when the '9 days' began - so I hadn't done laundry or cleaned the bathrooms for 2 weeks, hadn't changed the sheets for about a month. Basically I hadn't done a lot of things that were kind of making my skin crawl cause the apartment just felt dirty.) Anywho - I eagerly 'dug in' and managed to change the sheets, wash the kitchen garbage can, cleaned both bathrooms, washed/folded and put away all of the laundry and still had plenty of time to read a couple-hundred pages of the next book that I've decided to reread. (Wolfskin - by: Juliet Marillier.)

Z should be Home some time between 9-11 tonight (depending on which train/buses he manages to catch.)

The post-office sent a 'notice' that there's a package waiting for us. It's our new sound-card for the desktop and I am really excited about it! (Shout out to Brudder Eli for all his awesome help with that!) So I guess we'll be taking a trip to town tomorrow. Good thing since tomorrow is Thursday (again?) and I guess that means I kind of have to figure out Shabbos. (Does it seem like this happens a lot? Cause it sure feels like it does.) Anyway, a quick trip to the grocery store would probably be a good idea.

Maybe we'll stop by misrad hapnim too and drop off those passport forms. That would be multi-tasking, and would mean I could cross 2 things off my 'to-do' list.

As much as I love lists - I love checking things off once they've been done even more!

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