Monday, July 19, 2010

Parasitic Ailments(?)

Sunday was super boring although I actually managed to get some stuff done. I made a flyer for the conference, laid-out a chapter of a book and typed up a whole bunch of recipes for the next cookbook. As predicted Z pulled an all-nighter but I went to bed at around 2AM.

The morning rolled around too quickly and before I knew it the clock read 9 and I had finished reading the 5th book in the series that I've been making my way through for the fourth time.

Z left for school a little before 10 and after sharing the bagel recipe I got in the mood to make a batch of them myself. They really don't take very long to put together and even these 1 day ones taste pretty good. (Although, they seem to be even better after they've been frozen.) I was a little lazy so I didn't make any onion ones and stuck with the easy to sprinkle dry toppings I had on hand such as; garlic powder, salt, poppy seeds and sesame seeds. Of course I left a few plain too. A single recipe of dough made 14 bagels (6 large and 8 medium.)

Alrighty - I'm off to start reading book 6. Z has a 'lunch-break' from the presentations from 1-2 but he isn't home yet so maybe I should get some lunch ready before he gets here.

Hard to believe that tonight Tisha b'av begins. I'm not sure how I'm going to make it through the fast.

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