Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Poppy Seeds are for The Birds...

Happy Tuesday everybody!

This morning I woke up at 7 - you know, the time I usually get up.

Finally at 10:30 we left the house. We walked down to the mailbox (we got another wedding invitation), and then caught a bus to town. We stopped off at the library and then walked down to Yesh to do a quick shopping. All sorts of fun stuff was on sale - plastic cups, breakfast cereal (woohoo - Cheerios!), and even Pam cooking spray! We didn't have to wait too long for a bus and were home pretty quickly.

Z was really happy because I let him make hot-dogs for lunch.

After watering the plants in the garden I sat down and worked on the neverending project for a couple of hours. I finally finished the narrative booklets and a tri-fold brochure.

Tonight Z has his first class - he's taking a summer course in AutoCAD - that way he won't have to do it in the fall-semester. Class is from 5-9 PM.

Oh - turns out that the whole process of getting registered as a business is relatively simple. A neighbor of mine took care of it on Sunday. She said it's just a trip to Petach Tikva, a few forms, 2 floors, and a bunch of waiting. So now maybe I'll be more motivated to actually get it taken care of. Come on people - I need a push!

The most exciting part of today is that Aunt Sabrina and Lisa are arriving in Israel this afternoon. We're heading to The Sun House on Thursday night to see them and spend Shabbos with the family.

Til' next time...

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Rik said...

Go Lori! Register. Make money and meet Ike. We miss you.