Monday, July 12, 2010

Roscoe Goes Bonkers...

Hello world! I'm alive! I've been off gallivanting with the mishpacha. The Millers are in The Holy Land and we've been busy showing them the sights.
On Thursday we met up with everyone in Jerusalem. We visited the kotel, walked through the old city, had dinner at Mamilla and then headed back to Bet Shemesh. (Actually the group split up and half of them went to the 10PM Kotel Tunnel Tour and then walked the ramparts before the drive back to Bet Shemesh.
Considering Thursday's touring started at 9AM and ended at 1:30AM on Friday - everybody slept a little late Friday morning. Then we did Shabbos cooking and preparation, and of course some last minute grocery shopping - yay for sales on ice cream! A few hours before Shabbos we picked Robin up at the hotel her tour-group was staying at and she joined us for Shabbos.
Shabbos was fun and relaxing. We played Bananagrams, shmoozed, rested and ate a whole lot of chocolate bobka and apple pie bars! The Miskins visited Shabbos afternoon which was as always cute and overall it was a highly enjoyable day of rest.
Motzei Shabbos flew by and before we knew it Sunday morning had rolled around. After a quick breakfast a group headed off to Massada and the Dead Sea for a day of fun and excitement.

Dinner was delish - pasta with tomato and eggplant sauce and little white fishies with 1/2-whole-wheat-oatmeal-rolls on the side.

Monday morning we got an early start and met up with Z's friend Yossi in Yafo. He took us around and showed us the sights. It was informative and fun - although it was hot and sticky on the coast. Then Mommy was an absolute angel and drove us back to Ariel instead of making us take a train and bus from Tel Aviv.
What else is new? Well, the laptop screen is broken (we think the internal light burned out - but we've got to take it to IBM in givat shmuel to have it looked at) so we don't have the laptop at the moment. Also, the sound card on the desktop went kaflooey - so we don't have sound on the desktop for now or until we get a new card...

Thursday evening we're hoping to attend Z's brother's tekes kumta in Ashkelon and then we'll hop back to Bet Shemesh for another Shabbos with the mishpacha.

Tomorrow I'll be heading up north for a 2 night 'girls road-trip' - it should be a whole lot of fun. More on that when I get back...

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