Wednesday, July 28, 2010

See Legs

Well - after a wonderful day yesterday last night was decidedly a disappointment. Not that I expected any differently. Last night was (hopefully the last) 'all-nighter' of the semester for Z. That means - from when he decided to buckle-down and work I became a non-entity. As in nonexistent. Completely, totally, utterly invisible. Not there. Getting my drift?

I (stupidly) lay down on the couch at around 1AM figuring I would keep him company and woke up at 7AM all cramped and achy to the sound of a 'shoot-em-up' video-game wafting out of the office and the project not-quite-finished-yet on the dining room table.

Now it's 10AM and he finally finished the project and left for his presentation.

So far this morning I; watered the plants, considered paying the bills that are piled up on the computer desk (we only got them in the mail yesterday - don't worry), tried on my 'old' skirts which now officially fit again (woohoo! I'm 2 sizes down! Yeah, I'm still 17lbs away from what I weighed when I got married - but considering I've lost 26lbs - in the last 5's pretty exciting. All I've wanted for the last 2 years is to fit into my 'old' clothes - and it's finally happening. Plus, I'm hoping that once I reach equilibrium, and my pre-marriage weight - that the Dr. will start taking me seriously about my stomachaches/nausea and will agree to send me to a gastro rather than telling me that I don't feel well because I'm fat and I don't eat properly.) 3 cheers for finally having pretty shabbos skirts to wear again! I can finally stop wearing my black wrap skirt every week Friday night and Shabbos day!

I also started a new thing in my kitchen, let's just call it a 'milk conservation act' - Almost every other week we buy a 1 liter (4 cup) bag of milk. It sits in the fridge waiting for me to get in the mood to either bake something milchig, make pancakes, cook up some macaroni & cheese or even drink a cup of coffee. When the expiration date approaches I usually use a cup or so of it because I feel guilty wasting a whole liter of milk - but inevitably I wind up pouring most of it down the drain, clumpy, smelly and waaaay post-expiration date. Waste of money, waste of milk. So I've decided to finally take action. This week we bought a bag of milk. I measured it out by the 1/2 cup and froze it in little containers. Although spontaneous coffee drinking won't necessarily be as plausible with this method - hopefully a lot less milk will end up being wasted. Seems worth the effort to me. (But I'll let you know how I feel about it in a few months.)

I'm not quite sure what to do today. Z probably won't be home until this evening so I'm on my own. I'm not in the mood to do arts-n-crafts (cause my bitten nails/fingers hurt - a lot - I did quite a number on them.) I don't want to bake because I made bread yesterday and there are plenty of sweets in the house already. It's a little too early to cook for Shabbos (or I'll be bored out of my mind tomorrow and Friday.) I don't want to organize shelves - just because it's one of those 'things to do' that always needs to be done and I don't have patience to start it today.

I suppose I could type up some more recipes for the cookbooks. I'm almost finished with the typing and the layout is pretty quick. Now I just need pictures...

Did I mention that the photographer from our wedding finally sent us the album-proof the other day? It looks really nice and hopefully we'll have our wedding album by the end of August. Won't that be nice?


Yehuda said...

congrats on the weight loss. i lost 30 in 30 a couple years ago and went on to lose a total of close to 90 and i'm keeping it off to this day. one is it that our inlaws have an album from your wedding and you don't?

Lorelai said...

Well, I gained 50 in about 20 days thanks to a bad 'pill' I went on around my wedding. It was totally hormonal (meaning that gym 5x/week and walking 4 miles/day and eating only vegetables for 8 months didn't do a thing to get rid of it.) Now my body has decided to re-organize itself for some reason. So I don't see it as a victory of any sorts - because it disappeared without me changing anything in my day-to-day life. It's just nice to be able to wear my clothes again.

As for the album - They probably printed pictures from the cds we sent them. We're having a 'digital-magic' type album on the fancy paper with the nice binding made for ourselves.

Yehuda said...

that is funny because my weight gain (around 5th grade) was because i went OFF a pill. i was on ritalin and my parents decided i should try a school year without it and i gained 60 lbs. i had never had an appetite until that year. it was only through years of struggling with weight issues and working a 12 step program for food addiction that i finally beat my weight issue.

Lorelai said...

Riiiight - see to this day you need to maintain a rigorous eating schedule and rules.

I did nothing to gain it and nothing to lose it and can eat whatever I want whenever I want (within reason) - so I'm definitely happy with my 'lot' in life.

Rik said...

Yay on weight loss! Hooray!
I can't believe milk goes bad in your house. If I could drink milk we would be spending TONS of money on all sorts of yummy dairy. Starting with straight milk. mmm mmm mmmm stomachache!

Rik said...

Oh, also Yehuda is rigorous in the way he eats not just for weight. But I'm glad it's coming off for you.