Thursday, July 29, 2010

She is a'courtin - 1 2 3...

Last night Sarah Leah came over. She brought me all sorts of fun presents back from MerryCa! Yay for new clothes and awesomely cute cupcake liners! She's sticking around until Sunday so we're gonna have a great weekend!

This morning she went off to her cousin's bris in Eli. Z left bright and early too - he went to pick up the laptop from the IBM Center in Givat Shmuel. I decided to be productive while they were out - so I made my chicken soup for Shabbos and mixed up the matzah ball stuff, then I layered my lasagna and put chickpeas up to soak. Not too shabby for 12PM on a Thursday in the middle of the summer.

I have bad luck with bathing-suits. For some reason every time I order a new one, it doesn't fit. Two years ago I ordered 2, and by the time I got them they were too small. Last year I ordered 2 and the store had started cutting them smaller so they were larger than the previous year's but they didn't fit either. This year I ordered a new one and guess what - it's too big! On the bright side - the ones I ordered 2 years ago fit now. Quite nicely as a matter of fact. So - I'm happy. Very happy.

Z called me from Bnei B'rak to say that there was a fruit & vegetable vendor who had decent prices and good looking produce - so he picked up a whole batch of fruits and veggies! I'm so excited! Plums and Melons - Yay!

Tonight Z's brother is coming to Ariel to stay with us for a night. He has a 'regilah' and since it's 'summer break' for the yeshiva-world, yeshiva is kind of boring (and they don't serve food...)

Sushi for dinner tonight - in honor of Sarah Leah.

Should be fun!

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