Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Soda Bread Fail...

There is a lesson that life has tried to teach me numerous times - and I refuse to learn it. Not for any reason in particular - it's just that sometimes I am lazy. I suppose I am also a bit overconfident in my mathematical abilities.

Fact of the matter is - I would be a lot better off if this one would actually stick in my brain.
When one is cooking or baking a fraction of a recipe - it is a whole lot simpler to sit down and write out the directions, with the amounts for the ingredients adjusted.

Take this 4-seed Soda Bread (that I've been meaning to bake for ages.) I decided to make a small loaf (1/2 a recipe) and against my better judgement I didn't pre-determine all of the calculations.

So I made up 1 cup of buttermilk (even though the original recipe called for 1&3/4 cups, which meant that really I only needed 1+1/4+1/8 cups.)

Then because I got flustered in trying to get the stuff into the oven as quickly as possible (because soda bread rises from the baking soda action - which starts when it gets wet) I poured in the little whole cup of milk - and was confused when the dough was so sticky that there was no way to knead it as the instructions directed.
I plopped it into a lined pan (which I forgot to flour - so the paper was stuck to the bottom of the loaf.) It looked like the saddest little blob I've ever made. Then I realized my mistake - but wasn't about to scrape it back into the bowl to try and add more flour. So I just put it into the oven.

Somehow it actually grew a bit and baked. I haven't tasted it yet - but my hopes aren't too high.

I kind of looks nice. Ish. Right?
Poor flat little loaf.

Next time - I'll take a couple of minutes beforehand and will try to add the right amount of liquid.

Ah well - next time.

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Goose said...

That actually looks quite appetizing. I have no idea what it is supposed to taste/look like so my opinion is very objective.