Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tid Eee...

I woke up bright and early this morning and spent about half an hour comparing 'bun' recipes.
Why was I making buns? Well, because we were having a family bbq and hang-out day! See, for the last few months I've been suffering from really bad motion-sickness which makes it almost impossible to go anywhere or do anything fun. It's kind of been a bummer - because it means that we haven't gone out to see any movies, or out to eat, or well - anywhere really - because being on a bus for just 20 minutes to get to town makes me feel really sick. Soooooo - when people come and visit me it's like the very best of all options!
This afternoon Mommy, Phil, Ez & Dibble paid us a visit! We decided to have a BBQ for a late lunch / really early dinner. That's why I made buns. They were really quite delicious - soft but strong. I will definitely be making them again. I made 3 shapes - Hamburger, Hotdog & super-sized hotdog (for chicken sandwiches.)
Because we live on the side of a mountain and there's a crazy-strong wind that blows through the apartment (from back to front) we have come to the conclusion that the best place to grill stuff is actually on our kitchen counter. Unbelievably enough the smoke gets sucked right out the window - there wasn't even any residual smoky-smell lingering inside. It was great!
Z did the grilling and after setting the table we enjoyed a full spread of hotdogs, burgers and bbq chicken. Z even made some of his sweetened iced tea - which was deeelish (even though Avi wasn't such a fan.)
Then we shmoozed and relaxed for a while. Eventually Z had to leave for school - so we said goodbye to him and stayed right where we were on the comfy couches enjoying the breeze.
Awesomeness of awesomenesses - Mommy offered to take me to Yesh - which meant I could get all the heavy groceries that I've been postponing getting because they're heavy to shlep. Did I mention that it's 'customer appreciation day' from July 27-29 at Yesh - so tons of stuff was an additional 25% off! Hoooorayyyy!!!
After unloading the car and shlepping the groceries upstairs we sorted out movies (so that the family will have some entertainment for the next little while) and then they piled into the van and drove off into the sunset. Literally.

All in all a truly wonderful day.

Thanks y'all! You're the bestests!

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